It’s Time for a New Job if You Agree With 4 Out of 5 of These Indicators!

2016 is looming right around the corner.  Is it time for a new job?  The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( official unemployment rate is the also known as the U-3.  Nationally, that rate is 5.0% (October 2015).  This is pretty good.  The US has added a lot of jobs in 2015 and seems like that is not slowing done anytime soon.


The U-6 rate measures those who are underemployed.  In the height of the big recession, this rate hit over 17%.  However, in October of this year, this rate is still over 10% which means many of you are working in jobs that are not a fit in both skills and salary.  

Is it time to finally make a change?  Here is a list of five “warning signs” that it might just be time to look for a new job.  The job market is good and if you find yourself just going through the motions, it is time to make a change. 

  1. You feel your skills are not being used.   Many people get hired for one job only to find out after starting that what they thought they were going to do is a very small part of the job.  For example, you are hired to be an account manager for an insurance producer but you actually are put into a glorified CSR position.  Don’t settle even if you are making a good salary.  Ask the company to put you into an account management role.  If they chose not to, it’s time to move.   Don’t wait!
  2. Toxic Environment.   Big issue for many.  Your office situation is a reality television show and management doesn’t do anything about it.  Your job life is too short to stay with this company if it is clear changes will never be made.  Get out!  (When interviewing, it is always good to see if you can find any reviews ( or ex-employees to ask them about the environment.)
  3. You don’t look forward to Mondays.  If you are ruining your weekends because you know you have to work on Monday you have to start looking for a new job.  Identify what is causing you stress and write it down.  From your list, separate what is a real issue and eliminate all the things that really aren’t issues (like commute, not a morning person, car issues, etc.).   Anxiety and stress is not healthy.
  4. Bad Boss.  If your leader is not strong, your career will suffer.  If your bad boss has been at the company for more than a year, you have to change because it is clear your company will not replace that person.  The old saying is very true.  Most people don’t quit their jobs, they leave because they can’t stand their boss. 
  5. Underpaid.  You like your job but know that for your skill sets, employees at competitors are making a lot more money.  They way to handle this is very simple yet many will not approach this subject with their boss or manager.  Call a meeting with your boss and let them know that you feel you do a great job and know for sure that you are underpaid for your skills in the marketplace.  Ask them if they would consider a raise to get in line with their competitors.  Something like, “I love working here and would like to be considered for a raise.  The last thing I want to do is have one of our competitors offer me more compensation and have you match that when I put in my two week notice.  I would like to know now if that is even an option.”

Leaving a job means that you have to do a job search and that is not always easy.  However, a great job search that takes three months will be far better than hanging out at a job that is not completely suited to your skills sets. 

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