4 LinkedIn Tips That Will Prevent You from Being Perceived as a LinkedIn Weirdo!

If you are a member of LinkedIn, you already know how this site can be a very valuable resource especially during a job search.  LinkedIn is really a large public resume database that gives recruiters and companies looking for talent an organized place to find your credentials.  You can also “link” to others to create a professional network of friends.  When you update your LinkedIn status, anyone in your network will be able to read your latest business related post if they are paying attention.

The biggest mistake many users make in LinkedIn involve things they may not understand. No worries, today we will share with you four tips that will really help you never to be perceived as a LinkedIn weirdo!

1. Are you a daily profile tweaker?  
Each time you change your LinkedIn profile (add new picture, add skills, etc.), your entire network is notified.  If you are always changing your profile or revamping for a future job search, make sure you turn this feature off in settings.  During a job search, you may want to change information on your profile so it matches more closely to the exact job you are applying knowing at some point the employer will look at your profile.  You don’t want everyone in your network knowing this; especially your current employer.

2. Too many status updates.  
LinkedIn really is a business network.  Leave trivial daily updating of your status to Twitter and Facebook.  Status updates on LinkedIn should be business newsworthy that impress your connections while supporting your career expertise. For your connections that don’t follow these simple unwritten guidelines, you can eliminate their status updates by simply clicking on the “hide” link in the upper right hand corner of each update.  How many connections who posted their political thoughts that last few months made you feel good?

3. Professional photo only!  
For some reason, your fantastic credentials are not enough on LinkedIn.  If your picture is missing, two things happen.  Potential employers/recruiter will Google you to find you on other social networks.  Secondly, many will wonder why you don’t have a picture.  Your background should be enough but to leave nothing to the potential employers’ imagination, post a great professional photo. Photos of your dog, cartoon character, you in your Jimmy Buffett hat will immediately make you a LinkedIn weirdo.

4. Grammar and misleading information. 
The good news is you have total control of LinkedIn account.  If you have a spelling or grammar errors, you have absolutely no excuse.  The other large mistake many make is fudging work dates, experience, skill sets, and job titles.  The recession and economic recovery has tattered a lot of chronological backgrounds.  Don’t fall victim in trying to close the gap in employment with your keyboard; it will cost you in the end.  Whatever you do, make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile have the same jobs and dates!

Why is all this important? Sharpening and understanding your LinkedIn profile may create opportunities never imagined just a few years ago. Employers and recruiters have the ability to find you without you ever knowing.  Your LinkedIn profile is your career bait.  If your LinkedIn profile does not stand out and showcase your skills, you will not get noticed by recruiters or employers.  By following these four tips, you will increase your chances for your next great interview! 



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