5 Tips to Land a Job at the Diversity Career Fair

DCF 2017


With the largest job fair in Florida right around the corner, this is your chance to shine. You've probably been applying to jobs online never to hear back from the employers. A live job fair can put you in front of a human who is looking to hire you. This is good. The problem is many of you don’t take total advantage of this.  What this  really means is that you are not sure what to do when you finally talk to a recruiter. 

Fear no more.  Here are my best five tips to help you get a great job:

  1. Be prepared. We have companies represented in 14 different sectors. Research these companies and when you meet with a live recruiter, be ready to let them know what you are looking for and why you want to work for them. Something like, “I noticed that you have an account payable position open in Lake Mary.  I'd like to know more about this. I was very impressed that your company (use the company name here) is one of Orlando's top 50 places to work!”.  This is a home run. Don’t go up to any employer without a plan. If you are looking for an entry level job, let them know that.  DON’T say, “what type of jobs do you have?”. This is the kiss of death.
  1. Get CONTACT Information:  Bring a notebook.  Ask for a business card from everyone you talk to. (If they don’t have one, ask them for their name and email and write it down in your notebook.)  Once you're done talking with an employer, step aside and make notes about exactly what you spoke about as well as any interesting things you may have discussed.  At the end of the job fair, you will be able to really follow up with a real person and start building your relationship.
  1. Dress Well:  Professional dress for those going for professional jobs.  If you're looking for jobs in customer service or administration, business casual will work.  However, you CAN’T overdress for a career event.  If you wear jeans, you are asking not to be hired.
  1. Attend at least one Career Expert session:  This job fair has four outstanding career experts who will tell you how to power interview as well as get feedback when you send your online application. You don’t know what you don’t know and these career experts will tell you the real deal.  Here is the lineup: Career Experts Sessions at Diversity Job Fair
  1. Use all your soft skills to impress. I know this sounds crazy, but many of you forget to smile while talking. If you are prepared, when you meet a recruiter a great handshake and smile will start the conversation off in a great note. DON’T forget this. I have attended too many of these events and the weak handshake, no smile and no confidence by the job seeker sets a bad tone.  It’s your time to shine.  If you know what YOU want from this employer, they will see this confidence and it will lead to an interview.

BONUS TIP:  If you like what you hear when you talk to a recruiter and truly think you like to work for the company, let them know you are very excited about the opportunity.  “Thank you so much for your time.  The accounts payable position we talked about is what I am looking for and I would love to work for XYZ company.  What are the next steps?”.  This confidence is priceless and you will stand out from the crowd.


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