74 Orlando Employers Tell You WHY You Didn’t Get the Interview!

2019 Orlando Job Survey Report

OrlandoJobs.com just released the 2019 Central Florida Employment Report. You can download the full report by clicking here (no cost).

We asked employers if they could give you some advice before you apply to their company, what would they tell you? This information is invaluable and we hope it can help you make sure you get the interview.

We appreciate the time that employers take to help job seekers get a peek inside the “wall” to understand better why they may not get selected or perform horribly in an interview. Over seventy employers gave us their thoughts, and these are the top ten:

  1. Invest a lot of time researching the company. Understand how the company makes money and the different departments (teams) that exist contribute to the bottom line.
  1. Read the job description thoroughly before applying. Employers ask you not to apply if you do not meet the minimum qualifications even knowing that job seekers think employers will call for other jobs that may have open. Employers are clear...this doesn’t happen!
  1. Prepare for the interview by not only researching the company but also the leaders within the organization. Use sources like LinkedIn to get an idea of the backgrounds of past and current employees.This will help you during the interview.
  1. Be honest. Many good job seekers lose job offers by having false information on their resumes. Also, be honest about jobs that you may have been fired from during the interview. Finally, if you have a great interview and may have some background check issues, let the interviewer know what they can expect to find out. Employers can work with honesty; they hate surprises.
  1. When applying online, fill out all the required information. Leaving sections blank does not paint you in the brightest light.
  1. When interviewing, know how the job you want is directly related to the bottom line. Be able to express how your skills match well and that you understand your direct link to profitability.
  1. Know how to dress for an interview. Too many employers said they are shocked how casual many are showing up for interviews.
  1. Don’t ghost.May employers are shocked at how many job seekers never show up for an interview, return emails, voice mails or answer their phone. If you are in a job search, answer your phone, check your voice mails and emails and if you can’t make an interview, call the company and let them know. Not doing so will catch up with you at some point in your career.
  1. Have your resume professionally written.This is a must if you are having issues getting interviews. A poorly written resume, even if you are qualified, most likely will go unnoticed.
  1. Make sure your resume fits the job you that you are applying to; even if you have tons of other experience that isn’t relevant.


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