Can President Trump's Twitter Account Help Your Job Search?

Trump Twitter Help Job Search



No matter how you feel about President Trump, if you are currently looking for a job, you can learn a great deal from his use of Twitter. Say what? Yes, Twitter can be the key to your next great job in so many ways. President Trump's Twitter account helped him become the President of the United States. It can also help you get your next great job.

Many of you are not active on Twitter. It is one of the best social platforms that allow you to have a very powerful voice during a job search. President Trump is the very first president to use Twitter to speak directly to the world. It doesn’t matter how you feel about his policies. The point here is he tells you exactly how he feels (in real time) about anything from North Korea to the US Olympics. In a job search, wouldn’t it be nice to control your message to future employers? Well, you can and here are some ideas for you, even if you don’t have an active Twitter account.


Trump Twitter

  1. Your Twitter account is a digital resume.
    President Trumps “resume” is powerful. His header photo shows him honoring the flag with members of the military. He has a profile picture. His account also has a short “bio”, location and button to tweet him. You can set up your Twitter account in the same way. Use great pictures and for your link, include your LinkedIn profile. Your bio is short, but it is what you do for a living. Make sure you use good keywords that relate to your skill sets in the bio area.
  1. Your Twitter account is a mini career website.
    Once your Twitter account is set up, Google your name in a few days and your Twitter account will be on the first page.  So many of you are worried employers are “checking you out” on social media. All I can say is that I hope that is true. During a job search, you can control your message and if done right, this is very powerful.
  1. You have a voice.
    Like our president, your tweets are your tweets. During a job search, your time should be spent tweeting about things about your career. This could be what you like about your job, interesting articles about your industry, pictures, retweets from industry leaders and your own personal thoughts.  Any employer reading your feed should know immediately that you are dedicated to your profession.
  1. Find great jobs on Twitter.
    Looking for a job in claims? Go to the search bar in Twitter and out in “#claimsjobs Orlando”. Once you find the job, you can like it or reply to it using your Twitter account. In your reply, you can simply say you are very interested in the position and would like more information. This is very powerful because if they are “active” Twitter users and your they will look immediately at your Twitter profile (now your resume) and hopefully reach out. Millions of jobs that ARE NOT on job boards, are posted to Twitter and with your Twitter account, you have a voice directly into the company.


  1. Hiring managers have Twitter accounts.
    Once you apply to jobs, one way to get your resume to the top of the pile is to try to identify the hiring manager for that position. This is much easier for companies with under 500 employees. If you find the hiring manager and they have an active Twitter account, your next home run tweet goes something like this: “Hello @hiringmanager,  I just applied to the marketing associate position in Lake Mary. Your company looks awesome!”. I can’t tell you enough how powerful this is. They will look at your account and most likely click on the link you provide in your bio leading them to LinkedIn. If you are a good fit, you will stand out!


When President Trump tweets, his worldwide audience reacts. The great news during a job search is your audience is just a few very select hiring managers at companies where you want to work. You have the power to go behind the “HR wall” and get noticed with a clearly defined voice.




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