Capitalizing on Experience: Attracting Older Talent to Central Florida's Booming Job Market

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Capitalizing on Experience: Attracting Older Talent to Central Florida's Booming Job Market

As Central Florida's job market continues to flourish, employers are given a golden opportunity to tap into a diverse pool of experienced professionals. Older individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and skills that can significantly impact an organization's success. With over 30,000 job openings in Central Florida, it's crucial for employers to actively recruit older people, harnessing their expertise to meet the region's growing demands.


Consider some of these statistics from the BLS highlight Central Florida Employment:

  • From 2019 to 2029, employment for individuals aged 65 and above will grow by 47.9%.
  • Medium age in Central Florida is now 42.2 years old (2020).
  • In 2020, the labor force participation rate for individuals aged 55 years and above in Central Florida stood at 40.2%.
  • In 2020, the professional and business services sector employed approximately 20% of workers aged 55 years and above.
  • The trade, transportation, and utilities industry accounted for around 17% of older workers in Central Florida.
  • The education and health services sector employed approximately 15% of workers aged 55 and above in the region.
  • The leisure and hospitality industry in Central Florida employed approximately 22% of workers aged 55 years and above.

Older workers should be noticed. We are so lucky in Central Florida that it has the diverse workforce we already enjoy. The more senior worker is one of the fastest growing sectors.


Here is why you should consider hiring older workers.

Recognize the value of experience. Central Florida's job market is brimming with opportunities across various industries, and experienced professionals can be a great resource to fill many of these positions at all levels. Our friends at the theme parks have successfully recruited older workers for years.  Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando doesn't care about an older person's master's degree if they want to work a few more years as a customer service specialist.      

Foster an age-Inclusive company culture. In the dynamic landscape of Central Florida, fostering an age-inclusive work environment becomes a competitive advantage. Celebrating the diverse perspectives of older individuals can lead to enhanced creativity, collaboration, and employee satisfaction. Orlando's growing older population could enhance any organization.

Tailor recruitment strategies for success. Employers should tailor their recruitment strategies to attract older talent in Central Florida's thriving job market. Your job postings should celebrate your age-inclusive workplace. Use job boards like AARP and to target older workers. Partner with community organizations like the Central Florida Employment Council and CareerSource Central Florida.

Offer flexibility and work-life balance. With many job openings in Central Florida, employers can entice older talent by providing flexible work arrangements and promoting work-life balance. Many experienced professionals value the opportunity to contribute their skills while maintaining a healthy integration of personal life, making the organization an attractive choice.

Finally, one of the employers' most significant challenges is training their recruiters to reach out to older workers who apply for their jobs, who most likely will be completely overqualified. If your goal is to hire older workers, call them all and see what they are looking to do for the next couple of years. You will be surprised with what you find and the value you will add to your company's workforce.


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