Central Florida 2013 Employment Outlook Just Released

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Key findings

Combined, this survey found more than 8,650 jobs currently open at the 198 surveyed companies.
In addition to the 8,650 jobs currently open, more than 19,000 jobs are forecasted to be open in the last three quarters of 2013.
39% of surveyed companies indicated that hiring would be better in 2013 when compared to 2012.
98% of companies plan on hiring at least one person in 2013.
89% of companies currently have open jobs, up from 75% in 2012.
35.5% of companies are planning on hiring 51 or more employees in 2013.
17% of companies are planning on hiring 200 or more employees.
The top six sectors leading the way in Central Florida are Leisure and Hospitality, Healthcare, Professional and Business Services, Education, Retail and Technology.
42% of surveyed companies are using temporary employees to help fill open positions.
73% of surveyed companies have not recruited anyone directly via social media (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn). However, LinkedIn.com was responsible for over 120 Central Florida hires in the surveyed group.
Employers have experienced many hiring challenges in 2012. Number one on the list: the overwhelming number of unqualified candidates applying to open positions.

The hospitality industry is the clear winner in Central Florida for job creation. While many job seekers consider hospitality jobs to be low-paying, there are more than 216,000 jobs in this sector, and this survey uncovers many salaried positions this industry has to offer (marketing, technology, healthcare, sales, etc.) to skilled and qualified job seekers.
Call Centers are projecting more than 4,000 additional job openings in 2013.
Sales jobs are abundant in all sectors.

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