Employers - Our Annual Survey of Central Florida Employers (JUST RELEASED)

We really enjoy reaching out to local companies across all industries to ask them questions about how their hiring looks in 2014, what type of jobs are you hiring for and some of the challenges you are experiencing in finding talent.  (Download at www.orlandojobs.com/whitepaper

This year, the employment outlook for Central Florida looks great.  We found over 11,000 open jobs with more than 17,000 forecasted.  Download the report and it will break all this down for you by sector and jobs.  

Employers were very clear in telling us that the influx of open jobs is a double-edged sword. Many of the open jobs require very specific skill sets that many applicants don’t have, therefore causing a lot of work for internal recruiting and Human Resource departments. In many cases, employers just don’t have enough time to give status updates to those who applied, causing many job seekers to never know where they stand on a particular position (the infamous black hole), and thus lose heart in the job search.

The survey also found other challenges Central Florida companies are experiencing:  

1. Shrinking labor pool in Central Florida.  Yes, we have job seekers but they are not matching up to the job requirements.

2. Competitiveness in the hospitality industry.  A lot of movement causes constant openings.  While this is part of the industry, Central Florida is seeing more visitors than ever before with more hotel and attraction openings really causing a drain on hiring resources.

3. Technology talent is extremely hard to find and hire within salary guidelines.     

4. Finding great sales professionals at all levels. Numerous job openings. 

5. Healthcare positions are still very hard to fill and many employers said this is just going to get harder as the population gets older.

Feel free to download the entire survey and share it as you like.  After years of analyzing this information, one thing has never changed and that is the desire of Central Florida and Orlando-based companies to find and hire the best and the brightest.  It is great to see our professional services sector and construction sector adding jobs.  The challenge moving forward will be finding skill matched talent that will help companies’ bottom lines.  Let me know what you think - roger@orlandojobs.com.

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