Find The Best Hires in Orlando With These 3 Game-Changing Ideas!

February Employer Newsletter

Find the Best Hires in Orlando With These 3 Game-Changing Ideas!

Think about it for a minute. Wouldn't you agree that recruiting has come a long way from posting job ads in newspapers and reviewing many resumes? With the rise of recruitment technology, Central Florida companies are trying to figure out what technology they should use and the added cost and integration with your current applicant tracking system. LinkedIn recruiter and job boards still work, but what else is out there to help find talent other companies can't?

Here are three things that have changed how we recruit talent in Central Florida today. The good news is that none of these require substantial setup costs, and all can be integrated with most ATSs.


Artificial Intelligence-Powered Resume Scanners:Looking for Talent in Orlando? 3 Game-Changing 

AI-powered resume scanners are designed to automate the initial screening process and save recruiters time by identifying the most relevant candidates based on specific job requirements. These tools analyze resumes and cover letters and compare them to the job description, ranking candidates based on their fit and qualifications. Some AI-powered tools will go into your ATS and automatically update your old candidates with current job titles, companies, and cell numbers. That is pretty powerful!


Video Interviewing and Simulation Platforms:

Covid changed the video interview game and has become an increasingly popular tool in the recruitment process. When you combine a video interview platform with a job simulation, you have a winning combination that can predict a candidate's future success. Anyone who applies to your jobs can automatically get a link to complete this, and the technology will help define the best matches. For example, my company partnered with Employment Technologies to hire 435 customer service claims people in 120 days (in the middle of Covid). The hiring managers who trusted the technology were amazed at the quality and the speed of the hires.


Social Media Influencer Marketing:

Social media influencer marketing has become a popular and effective way for companies to reach potential candidates and promote their employment brand. By partnering with influential individuals in their industry, companies can tap into their followers' networks and reach a large, engaged audience. In addition, social media influencers can promote job openings, share company culture, and give an inside look into what it's like to work for the company.

For example, a company looking for electricians can partner with an electrician influencer on TikTok or Instagram. First, find them by searching social media platforms using your job title keywords. Once you locate someone with a decent following (500 plus followers), you can reach out to them to see if they would be interested in promoting your electrician jobs or company culture. Yes, you will be surprised by the low cost of this as well as the results.   

The tools used in the recruitment process have come a long way. However, while the headlines talk about AI and game-changing recruitment technology, most companies still have a barrier to access. All of the suggested recruiting ideas in this article are real and, when done correctly, will yield some fantastic results.

The secret sauce in all of this is you. Great recruiting ideas can get you more candidate flow, but great recruiters will get them hired!

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