Great AI Tools Job Seekers Need to Know About to Get More Interviews!

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Has anyone ever applied for a job you know you can do and have yet to hear back? On that same thought, how many of you get the interview only but don't get the offer? Fortunately, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has created numerous products to help job seekers find and apply for jobs, write cover letters and follow-up emails, and act like your personal career coach. The good news is these AI tools are just getting better every day. Getting a great job is hard enough, but if you can get an edge using some of the tools, I will introduce you to, you will get more job offers. 

Here are some of the tools you should investigate: 

Job Scan: Jobscan will help you optimize your resume so you can get noticed.  Most companies use applicant tracking systems (ATSs) that screen your resume with a robot. Well, now you have your own robot that is probably smarter than the ATS. Resumes don't get jobs; they get interviews, and Jobscan can help change that. 

VMock: VMock, like Jobscan, can optimize your resume and LinkedIn profile. It can also work with you throughout the entire job search and interview process, answering your questions and preparing you for interviews. 

Google Interview Warm-Up: This is one of my favorites. It is an AI interviewing product by Google that can help you prepare for the interview. Think about it this way.  AI can access millions of interview questions and answers and then serve you with likely questions and even how you may want to answer.  It is a great interview coach and can help you separate yourself from other candidates. Very powerful. 

Extensive Interview: They claim you can land your dream job 5x faster. I am unsure where that comes from, but I know that following their AI "playbook" will increase your chances of getting more interviews.  Job seekers need a voice that can give them accurate information tailored to their situation. For example, if you have a two-year gap in your work history, how do you display that on your resume, and what do you say in the interview? Big Interview has you covered. 

Pymetrics: For job seekers, this powerful tool helps you find your best job objectively. To do this, they analyze your behavioral data points, not your work history, to find fits you may never have considered. They find your "authentic" self and suggest careers that fit you. Anyone looking to change careers or figure out what they want to do when they grow up, this product is for you! 

Skillroads:  Another outstanding career coach who can optimize your resume, be your career coach, and help you find jobs that, just a couple of years ago, would have been impossible. One thing I like about Skillroad is that it employs human career coaches. While it is not free (the resume checker is), a fantastic career coach on your team can do wonders for your career. Job seekers are not professional job seekers; thankfully, many need career coaches to ensure they are getting a great job, not just any job. 

It's going to be fun watching AI job seeker tools progress. There are AI tools right now that can apply to one thousand jobs on your behalf (please don't do this). In other words, be careful out there because, in the job search world, you must be in control of your job search and spend more time indemnifying the jobs you want. That's right, there is an AI product for that as well! 


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