How to Use AI To Help Brand Yourself During Your Job Search

juune 24

Most of you are not social media influencers.  However, if you use Instagram or TikTok, you most likely follow some major influencers who provide content that interests you in a very entertaining way.  All influencers have a clearly defined brand that attracts and grows audiences that connect with the content.

Can you imagine if your career brand went viral to an employer audience that needs your services?  If you are an amazing claims adjuster, bartender, engineer, customer service professional, or office manager, personal career branding will get you noticed by employers looking for you!  Employers use job boards, LinkedIn, and social media to find people who stand out.  Also at their fingertips are AI products that will see your information throughout the internet and have the power to reach out to you about their jobs.  The more information you have, the easier it will be to find you!

Personal branding is more important than ever in today's competitive job market. Building a solid personal brand can differentiate you from other candidates and attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers powerful tools to enhance your brand and make your job search more effective. Here are five ways job seekers can use AI for personal branding:


1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

AI tools can help you create a compelling LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiters. It works like this.  LinkedIn uses AI to do profile analysis of your current page.  It uses AI to optimize your profile and provide suggestions to improve your headline, summary, and experience sections. The real key is that it optimizes your keywords so recruiters searching for you can find you easily.  This is a massive win if you are in a job search or to help you get more business from people you never knew! 

2. Content Creation

ChatGPT or Google Gemini can help you write and post relevant content on topics you want to be linked to.  In a job search, this may be relevant posts, pictures, or videos about exciting things in your job.  For example, if you are a claims adjuster, you can post a story about the weirdest claims that have been settled each week.  Ask AI to write you a 2 paragraph article on this, and you will be amazed at the result.  There are also AI tools that will create graphics and videos for you…all in seconds.  Don't copy and paste the article.  It would help if you refined it to your own words.  AI is your guide to ideas that will make you stand out and learn.

3. Skill Development

The more skills you have, the more your brand will flourish.  AI can help you update and upgrade your skills.   It works like this. Ask AI to analyze job trends in your field or a career in which you want to get involved.  It will do a great job of suggesting skills in high demand in that industry. It also recommends courses and certifications to help you acquire these skills.  For example, you want to get involved in cyber security but have no idea what jobs exist or what skills or education are needed to get them.  AI can not only tell you in detail about every job, but you can also ask it what these jobs pay and what companies are hiring. 

I can't say it enough.  AI is the best tool to help job seekers get noticed by employers. If you understand how important a personal brand can be to get noticed, AI will be your best friend to help you stand out from the crowd!

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