I4 Ultimate Project Hiring 700 Workers

I4 Ultimate jobs

The I4 Ultimate Project is currently widening and improving 21 miles of central Florida highway, from Kirkman Road in Orange County to State Road 434 in Seminole County. To get the work done, project managers are hiring 700 new workers between now and the end of 2017. The demand for workers is so high that they are waiving initial minimum requirements and instead offering paid job training directly to a select group of new hires.  

Training will take between two and eight months, depending on the certification earned. Workers will be paid while they are in training, and as soon as they receive their classification and pass the required skills tests, their pay rate will increase.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction laborers average $14.85 per hour, while more skilled workers such as carpenters and electricians can average $20-$25 an hour, respectively.

Of course, experienced construction workers are in demand as well.  Most of these roles will require some amount of prior experience and more formal qualifications.

  • Concrete finishers and foremen: Tasks include working quickly and safely to smooth, level, and finish freshly poured concrete at construction sites. These workers will be able to use a range of finishing tools, including floats, forms, and electrical saws.
  • Loader / Excavator operators: They operate earth moving machinery to break up and distribute dirt and debris from the job site.
  • Pile drivers with welding certification: These skilled workers operate heavy machinery to drive metal pilings directly into the ground.  They should be able to work with engineers and other supervisors to safely and accurately place pilings, from excavation to welding shoes, in accordance with DOT procedures.
  • Heavy equipment maintenance mechanics: A construction project of this scale requires a skillful maintenance force.  The best applicants will have experience with maintenance and repair of the entire machine system, from engines, brakes, and hydraulics, to electrical systems and standard preventive maintenance.
  • Crane Operators: These specialists have the training and experience to safely operate some of the most complex lifting equipment in this large scale project.
  • Asphalt Crew: From apprentices to experts, these teams work together to control the entire asphalt application process.  The most experienced workers will be in charge of the machines which distribute and smooth the fresh asphalt, while the newest to the job will likely be involved traffic control or ensuring asphalt keeps flowing into the spreader machine.
  • Structural iron workers: They are responsible for the erection of the structural steel framework required for portions of bridges and highways in this project.
  • Construction Surveyor: Experts at measurement, these workers are responsible for accurately mapping out and staking construction elements and ensuring that the structures are built as planned.  

Whether or not you have experience, you may apply in person at 409 W. Robinson St. Orlando, FL 32801.  Applications are accepted on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in the morning from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and in the afternoon between 1 and 4 p.m. In addition to highly competitive pay, SGL is offering employees insurance (medical, dental and vision), 401K, and earned paid vacation benefits.  



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