Imagining A New XFL Team in Orlando

XFL Orlando

The XFL announced a return in 2020. While the eight teams are expected to be announced soon, we’re not 100% positive Orlando will even have a team. But that hasn’t stopped us from speculating possible team names.

Let’s assume if Orlando is granted a team that we’re doing away with one of the worst sports names/logos of all time. While the 2001 Orlando Rage team went on to win the most games that season, going 8-2, I don’t think we’re willing to back to those ugly scarlet, yellow, and navy jerseys. It appears Vince McMahon is ditching the gimmicky, WWE influenced league of 2001 in favor of something more mainstream and respected. The new team should reflect the new direction.

Orlando Rage
The Orlando Rage

We started our search of inspiration by revisiting some the city’s sports history. When the Orlando Magic were created, the shortlist of possible names included the Heat, Tropics, and Juice. The city already had a championship winning football team, The Orlando Predators, last played in 2016. And then there’s the other defunct football teams such as the Panthers (Continental Football League), Renegades (United States Football League), and Tuskers (United Football League).

While some of these are decent enough nicknames, nothing is really jumping out. Plus, we want to look to the future, right? If nothing else, the XFL promises to innovate, to lead. Let’s move on from failed teams of the past.

Coming up with a nickname unique to Orlando is tougher than it seems. However, one thing we do know is Central Florida companies. Perhaps a sponsored team would be ideal for the XFL. These types of sponsorships could be beneficial for an upstart league going against the money-making juggernaut that is the NFL. Sponsored teams are not unprecedented. The New York Red Bulls are a famous example. The AFL has had sponsored teams with the Miami Hooters and the New Jersey Red Dogs. In fact, the whole Nippon Professional Baseball league is comprised of sponsored teams. A sponsored team could also help build long-lasting and strategic partners for the league.


Perhaps a company in Orlando could provide a similar partnership with the XFL?

We can cross off some big names that probably wouldn’t interested. Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando, and Lockheed Martin. Others like T.G. Lee Dairy and The Golf Channel just don’t seem like the right fit.

There are other companies that could make sense but we don’t see any great naming opportunities. We just can’t envision teams such as the Orlando LongHorns (Darden Restaurants) or the Orlando Spectrums (Charter Communications). Although, there’s no doubt the whole state would root for the Orlando PubSubs.

Then there are companies we can definitely imagine sponsoring a team. In fact, there’s potential for some really cool names. The Orlando Makos (SeaWorld) and Orlando Shredders (Hard Rock Café) are tailor-made XFL teams.

But we’re going to propose a different company to sponsor an Orlando XFL team. If the XFL really wants to forget the past, there’s no company more invested in the future than SpaceX. It doesn’t get much more futuristic than their ultimate goal, which is to inhabit other planets.

We propose the XFL team be The Orlando Dragons.

The Orlando Dragons [square]The Orlando Dragons [square]
Concept Designs for the Orlando Dragons


How does Dragon fit in with Orlando and SpaceX?

Well, SpaceX has two major products. Falcon 9 is probably the most notable. But considering there’s already a professional football team nicknamed the Falcons, we can skip this one.

The other SpaceX spacecraft is the Dragon. Right now the Dragon carries cargo to space but eventually it will fly people. In fact, they plan to fly to people to the moon later this year. It’s safe to say that the Dragon is the future of SpaceX.

Just like the New York Red Bulls, the Dragon already comes pre-packaged with an awesome logo. Throw in a celestial theme and you have the ingredients for an out of this world uniform. Look at UCF’s uniforms during Space Game. We need more of that in the sports world.

We're not graphic artists but here's our take on what an XFL team in Orlando would look like. 


The Orlando Dragons


Chances of this scenario unfolding is less than 1% but we still had fun speculating. If you have any suggestions or ideas for a new team, feel free to email us at!



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