Looking for a Great Employment Brand? Ask Your Current Employees for Help!

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Getting your employees involved in developing your employment brand is a great idea. They know what it's like to work at your company and what makes it unique. It's also great to show them that you value their opinions. When you involve employees in the process of developing and communicating your employment brand, there is a greater chance that job seekers will receive it well.

You've hired a great team of employees whose knowledge, skills, and expertise are assets to your organization. But how do you get them involved in developing and communicating your employment brand?

The first thing you'll want to do is listen! Ask your employees to tell you about their experience as an employee at your company. Ask them what they like most about working here or what they wish could be improved. The answers may surprise you!

Next, ask them for their ideas about why this company is a great workplace. After all, it's essential for job seekers to know why they should work hereā€”and if we don't know ourselves, what chance do we have of convincing others?

Then ask them for their top three ways the company can improve its employment brand. This will help identify areas that need attention and will help develop solutions for those areas.

Finally, ask them to identify important things to job seekers that might be missing from your current employment brand. General things like salary and benefits might come up here; other things might be more specific (like opportunities for advancement).

To collect this information from your employees, create a quick survey monkey and send it to them.

Please don't make a mistake many companies make and only send it to employees that have been there for a couple of years; send it to everyone. You want all your new hires to give you any insight on why they selected your company other than just the job itself. This is a critical step.

The answers to this survey will give you great insight into why people work for your company and allow you to convert this information into your job ads, website, and digital recruiting campaigns. It is easy to get motivated job seekers to apply. If your job ads and digital recruiting strategy focused more on why people work for your company, you would attract the "job-curious" crowd and get them to apply. 

People like to work for companies that care for them; it just isn't a paycheck. Highlighting your employer brand will increase your application rates, and you will stand out among your competitors.

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