Optimize Your Post COVID-19 Resume to Get Guaranteed Interviews!

COVID-19 changed the employment landscape in Central Florida forever. Depending on what side of the pandemic you were on, you may have found yourself working more than ever (healthcare, logistics, etc.), or you may have lost your job (hospitality, convention services, airlines, etc.). That followed 14 months of the unknown, wondering if life would ever return to normal and what that may mean for your career.

The unknown is now known. It is time to get back to work. 

Hopefully, you used the last 14 months to reevaluate your career. Maybe you completely overhauled your career path, participated in online learning, and ready to take on the post-COVID-19 world in a completely different industry. Perhaps you loved your job and worried about finding one like it at the same pay range. No matter what your situation, the competition for the great jobs is heating up. With so many competing for the same job, the only way you will have success getting an interview is to have an optimized resume.

Aren’t you tired of applying to jobs and never hearing back? The reason is 80% of the time, your resume is not optimized for that specific job. The robots and humans who determine if you get an interview will not add you to the interview schedule.

Very important: 

Optimized resumes get interviews, not jobs!  Watch this Video.

In this video, I do a resume remake for two different people who struggled in their job search for months with very few interviews. Once we optimized their resumes, they were able to get interviews within a couple of weeks for great jobs. This very important video will take you through their journey and show you exactly how to write an optimized resume.  


4:45:  Biggest Mistakes Made When Writing Resume

5:47:  Examples of Bad Resumes

15:35:  Creating an Optimized Resume

26:59:  Resume Remake- Live Example

37:18:  Things That Drive Me Crazy About Your Resume

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