Orlando Job Seeker – Following Up After Applying

As a candidate in today’s Orlando Jobmarket, the timeline of events can appear blurry.  Most candidates have the “navigating the job boards” step down pat Many will then research the company, compose a targeted cover letter and apply, but then what?

In Orlando, job seekers frequently find themselves without any response of whether or not a human being is actually reviewing their application.  Most of the major companies have auto-generated responses to at least provide their applicants with piece of mind that the application was received.

Elizabeth Sidel, Director of Recruiting at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, suggests a follow up call or email to the HR department after completion of an online application (according to About.com article, Follow Up After Sending a Resume).

However, when the candidate applies from a job board, and not the company’s actual career page, the correct department to follow up with may be difficult to identify.

Using social media tools like LinkedIn can be a fantastic way to identify the person who is most likely reviewing the application.

Although we live in the world of technology, there is no harm in resorting to application methods of the past.  Using snail mail to follow up on an application might be more effective.

Emailing or submitting your application via the Internet is a great first step, however, a real, live human being must be present to open a letter mailed to the HR department.  No guarantees, but this may prompt your name to stick out when said person is reviewing the online applications.

When push comes to shove, there are only two options an HR professional can take when receiving a mailed resume -  shred or keep.

If a candidate’s resume does make it onto the desk of an HR professional, they have a better chance of getting a call down the road if an opening should arrive.  Even if the Orlando job seeker is not a match for the current opening, an HR professional would rather review the applicants they have on hand, rather than pay for an additional posting.

Online applications are easy for both parties, the company and the candidate, however, like everything that is easy in life, it is important to take the additional step to stand out of the crowd. 

Without being an obnoxious applicant, a follow up will definitely go a long way.


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