Orlando Job Seekers- 139 Employers Tell You WHY They Won’t Hire You in 2016!

You would think with very low unemployment (4.5%) and record number of total jobs ever in the Central Florida job market, employers would be hiring almost anyone who at least had some of the required skills.  Pre-recession (2007), employers did hire in excess because the economy was booming and if they did not have sufficient human capital, most felt they would not be able to maximize their revenue.    

The market crashed, millions lost their jobs and their homes.  In Orlando, laid off workers found any job even if it meant making much less money in jobs that didn’t utilize their skill sets (under-employment which is still an issue today).  Companies re-evaluated their workforce and actually found out that they could run their businesses with less employees.  Employees left standing would begin wearing multiple hats and most didn’t mind because at least they had a job. 

So with record number of jobs in Orlando, why are many of you having a hard time finding a great job, not just a job?  One of the main reasons is that employers learned from the recession that hiring just to hire is a really bad plan.  Today, with unemployment almost the same as it was before the recession, companies are being very thorough.  They are looking for what they need only and if you don’t match up, don’t expect to get hired.

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We asked 139 employers last month what is their hiring challenges (download the entire 2016 Central Florida Employment Survey here) were in 2015 and what they told us will help job seekers understand why they are not getting hired.  Read the full list on starting on page 8. 

Here are some reasons you are not getting hired directly from talking with 139 Orlando employers:

1.  You are applying to jobs that you do not qualify for in the hopes you will be called into an interview. 

Employers told us up to 70% of the applications just don’t have the qualifications.  It is a lot of work for employers to go through these applications.

2.  Your resume is not good. 

Even for those who have the skills for the job they are applying to, your resume doesn’t showcase the important skills need to get that specific job.  Employers are hiring skill sets, not bodies.  Spend more time finding jobs that fit your skill set instead of just applying to jobs. 

3.  Your interview skills are bad. 

In today’s Orlando job market, if you get the interview, you have an excellent chance to get the job.  Many employers noted that many job seekers are coming in much unprepared with little energy.  Number one complaint was lack of knowledge about the company followed by not understanding the impact of the job on the company.  Employers also said many people just were way too rehearsed and didn’t let out their natural personality.

4.  Background checks on employment on schools revealed discrepancies from job seeker resumes. 

Background check technology is really good.  Don’t fudge dates of employment or anything to do with your education.  Employers were very clear on this.

5.  Responding quickly to an employer’s request. 

If you apply to a job and an employer emails or calls you, get back with them.  Employers find it amazing that during a job search, a voice mail is never returned or it takes days for a return email.

Read the entire report and you will gain some incredible, real information about how employers think through the entire hiring process. Employers really want to hire you and fill their open requisitions; they just have great pre-recession memories and will only hire quality.  It is why so many jobs are open in Central Florida.     

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