OrlandoJobs.com LIVE Virtual Job Fair August 11-12 Information and FAQ for Job Seekers!

OrlandoJobs.com LIVE Virtual Job Fair


OrlandoJobs.com is excited to present our first-ever live virtual job fair where job seekers have the opportunity to schedule a video interview with employers directly on August 11-12. This one of a kind event is designed to help job seekers connect with employers face to face virtually during COVID-19 and get hired.

If you are a job seeker, please register for this free event at www.OrlandoJobs.com/VirtualJobFair so we can provide you all the information you need leading up to the event. On August 11th and August 12th, employers will be “live” in their virtual booths. Job seekers will be able to visit their booths, find jobs that they are qualified for, apply, and then set up a video interview with that employer. Once you request an interview, you will immediately get a zoom meeting link at your scheduled time.

Also, the live interviews with employers, both days will feature free resume reviews, career speakers, and access to community partners who provide many resources to job seekers.

“We are trying to duplicate the world-class job fairs we have each year at the Amway Center,” stated Roger Lear, President of OrlandoJobs.com. “Covid-19 has prevented so many job seekers access to employers, and we needed to help find a solution to make help so many get back to work”.


Frequently Asked Questions (We will keep adding to the list)


  1. Do I need to register for this event?
    No, but it is highly recommended to send you updated information, informational videos, and employer updates. Register here: OrlandoJobs.com/virtualjobfair


  1. Is there a cost?
    No, this event is 100% no cost to job seekers.


  1. Do I need special cameras or computer for a video interview with employers?
    Most employers will be using the ZOOM or GoToMeeting platforms for interviewing.
    You can use your cell phone camera, but if you have a laptop with a camera or a desktop with an external camera, this works the best. The best thing to do is whatever you end up using, download, and test the app of your choice. Information is located at Zoom.us or GoToMeeting.com.


  1. How do I set up a live interview with the employer?
    You will see this button:
    When you click this button, you will select a time for your interview, submit and get a link for your video interview in seconds.


  1. Do I have to interview with the company or can I just apply to the job?
    I don’t have access to a camera that day. Yes, all companies are accepting applications. Just like a live job fair, employers hiring want to recruit as many people as possible.


  1. Since the job seeker can set a live interview with any employer, what is the best way to maximize my chance to get a job?
    Essential question! The best way to do this is to only apply to jobs that you have a good chance of getting since your qualifications line up. The last thing you want to do is waste the time of the employer. In COVID-19, many open jobs require specific skill sets, which is why you must find the positions that match yours.


  1. What are the hours of the virtual career fair?
    On August 11 and 12th, we have asked the employers to be “live” from 9 am-6 pm. However, the virtual job fair will be able to access 30 days after the event so you can apply to jobs throughout the month (just no live interviews).


  1. Do I need a resume?
    Most employers will ask you to send them a resume before your interview. You should also set up an account (free) at OrlandoJobs.com to one-click apply to jobs. Here is a link to set up your account: https://www.orlandojobs.com/register/


  1. How do the disabled access the virtual job fair?
    We are working on getting a sign language solution to help assist during virtual interviews.


  1. Will all employers have live interviews?
    That is undoubtedly the goal, but some will not (but you can still apply to their jobs), or their times for interviews may be fully booked


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