People Know People. The Powerful Way to Get a Great Job!


There is a good chance that if you are looking for a job, you are using sites like Job boards are an integral part of the job search process.  The challenge is the competition for the best jobs may never get you a chance for your resume to be selected for an interview.  Sadly, who gets an interview and hired may be a numbers game.  A serious job search should include more ways to connect to employers.  One of those ways is networking.   Yes, talking about face-to-face interactions.  While some may tentatively try some of these techniques, remember that people know people.  For job seekers, finding out about jobs at companies you never even knew existed is the secret sauce of the job search.  Here are three ideas to help you network.

1. Attend Industry Specific Conferences and Local Chapter Groups

Conferences are gold mines for job seekers.  Whatever industry you are in, there is a conference for it somewhere.  Conferences have numerous ways to connect to people already working for a potential future employer.  To be successful at a conference, you have many ways to meet people.   All conferences usually start with a networking event. This is prime time.  Just like you, everyone attending just arrived, and most traveled alone.  With name badges, walk up and introduce yourself.  Ask the person what they do for a living and let them talk.  Find out where they live and create small talk.  The key to networking is spending more time learning about the person you approach.   The more they talk, the more they will be able to help you.  Once they ask what about you, give them some fun facts and let them know that you are in the job search process in this industry and look forward to learning about these companies and their jobs.  Ninety percent of the time, they will let you know if their company is hiring. They also can give you the hiring authority‚Äôs name or human resources.  Locally, look for chapters in your city for your industry.  You will be surprised what you can attend.

2. Attend Chamber of Commerce Events

Every city has a chamber of commerce. In my hometown of Orlando, we have 30 different chambers.  East Orlando, Downtown, Lake Nona, Seminole County, etc.  These chambers have events ranging from technology seminars to wine and food festivals.  You can attend any of these events and meet outstanding community people who know people.  Another tactic you can use is to go to a chamber website, look up the board of directors, and identify their place of work.  Look on their company website under careers, and if you see a job that matches what you are looking for, email the board member and let them know you are interested in working with their company.  Definity reference the chamber connection.  Very powerful.

3. Volunteer 

Every city or town in the United States has numerous volunteer opportunities. Volunteer opportunities at food banks, sporting events, non-profit fundraisers, and community events allow you to work alongside your next employer.  So many great companies want their employees to donate their time and volunteer.  In one day of volunteering, you can meet these people, and you will not only get to know them, but they want to help you get in with their company if they are hiring. 

The secret sauce in networking is building genuine relationships with anyone you speak with. People authentically want to help you once you build a professional rapport with them.  After you get a business card, thank them for their time and ask them for their permission to follow up.  This is a critical step; the key is to make sure you mention in your follow-up what you have in common so they remember you.  Therefore, on the business card, write down what you talked about so you can reference this.

Networking is the best way to find a great job.  Try a couple of these ideas, and you will be well on your way to improving your career!

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