Project: OrlandoWorks - Megan Dekker-Rouse On Her Exhilarating Job As A Bartender And The Amazing People She Encounters At Ole Red

You get what you put into it. If you work hard and you care it will be rewarding”

In this installment of the Project: OrlandoWorks photo series, we spoke with Megan Dekker-Rouse, bartender at Ole Red. Read more to learn about her love for Ole Red and her advice to job seekers looking to get into the industry. 

Article by Brianna Toawicha | Photos by Lennyn Garcia

megan-1Megan Dekker-Rouse prides herself on her ability to bring a smile to people’s faces through hospitality. Not only does she get to meet people from all walks of life, but she gets to indulge herself in her craft every day she comes to her job. Rouse elaborates on why she chose Ole Red and what she loves about what she does.

“I honestly love Blake Shelton, so I obviously want to work for his restaurant. I was really excited about the concept, and I really love the stage and how much work they put into that, the talent we get on stage is unmatched. The people that come in [are] literally from all over the world. The level of service [and] the benefits are amazing, and it makes you feel like they really value you, so you want to work harder for them. “

Rouse sees every day as an opportunity to learn more and improve on her craft. She makes it clear that at Ole Red, you won’t remain stagnant and why this has played a part in her fulfillment.

“Being able to explore my craft at the bar and when people let me make cocktails for them. They respect me and what I’m doing.”megan-2

With the global pandemic that affected us all, Rouse gives advice to those who wish to join the hospitality industry but are hesitant due to the health risks that come with being an essential worker.

“Nerves are ok we’re all in the same boat you know and even when people are in here eating everybody’s going to have a different view on the current circumstances but we get through it. Be respectful to people because everyone is not going to have the same opinion as you and that’s ok. But you got to get back out there!”

Megan Dekker-Rouse genuinely enjoys what she gets to do every day she steps foot in Ole Red. Her undying love for bartending and passion for serving others in the hospitality industry at Ole Red is inspirational.

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