Ready for a New Job in 2018? It Might Be Time - Depending on How You Answer These Questions

New Job 2018 Ask These Questions


The most interesting thing about the recession of 2007 is for many, it has lasted ten years. For example, anyone over 50 years old who lost a job during this time, many are still struggling today to find jobs that paid what they used to make as well as didn’t require a complete retooling of their skill sets.  If you kept your job during this time, most likely you had additional responsibilities added to your already busy days.

The big recession forced companies to evaluate every position in their organization and after the recession was declared “over”, most of the eliminated jobs never were never added back. Also during this same time, technology was being implemented that improved work processes and required a much different type of employee; making many former employees ineligible for rehire. Employees in almost every sector have seen wage stagnation as companies recognized most employees were okay with a steady job and therefore didn’t need money to keep them from leaving.

While many of you have steady jobs, why would you leave if the grass isn’t greener somewhere else? On top of that, many of the new jobs that pay well may require additional training making many think they are not qualified. Life gets in the way, so many don’t do the research to find out what type of training they need (some courses taking as little as three months) to get these jobs. 

Here is the good news. Something is changing and it's changing fast. For the first time in years, we are starting to see companies increase wages. This is not because they really want to, but MUST to keep key employees. Why? Because all economic indicators are showing we are in for tremendous growth in our economy.  The Dow Jones is over 24,000 (in 2009, it was 7,982). Retail sales, GDP, home sales and a low unemployment rate all point to major growth for the next few years. If a company can’t retain their current employees and attract new hires, they will not grow and that is not good for anyone. 

For workers, 2018 will be your time to STRIKE to forward your career goals and financial outlook.

Are you ready?  If so, here are some questions to consider:


  1. Have you had the relatively same pay for more than three years?.
    If so, you may be comfortable (which is fine), but if you don’t see an increase, many companies would love to have you. If you love your job and just want to make more money (so many are underpaid), go ask for an increase BEFORE you look for anything else. Too many people search for a new job, get a great offer only to have your current company “match” that offer so they can’t lose you. If you like what you do, just ask for more money and stay. If they say no, it’s time to go.
  1. Do you know all the companies in the area that have similar jobs that may be better than the one you currently have?.
    When you work, a lot of times you don’t even know what jobs are open with other companies that have excellent opportunities that would fit you. Spend sometime on sites like Set up job alerts so these jobs get sent via email to you automatically. You will be surprised how many awesome jobs are open at companies you never heard about.
  1. Are you bored in your current position?.
    Many people like their job, their company, their co-workers, and the money they make. The only thing is they are bored. Usually this means you are not growing or being challenged. Don’t stay stagnant in 2018. You have a good job so it is the perfect time to look to see if you can find a stronger position that really is a great next step in your career. There will not be a better time to look. Never worry about looking because you have a good job and the only reason you would leave is if you found a great job.
  1. Do you want to change careers?.
    America has a shortage of over 50,000 truck drivers. Maybe hitting the road isn’t your thing but if you are ready to change careers, what training will you need to make this happen? For truck driving, you go to truck driving school and can get your CDL in 6 months. For many other jobs, there is online training.  Identify jobs you like to do, research what is needed to get the job and get the training. Some companies will even provide the training. For example, if you want to be an auto claims adjuster, many companies like GEICO and Progressive Insurance will hire and train you.
  1. Are you reading this article because....?.


The job market will be great in 2018 and hiring will be at a rapid pace. For job seekers this gives you a great chance to get interviews and get hired. In hiring markets, employers realize if they find a good candidate who doesn’t have all the job requirements, they most likely will still hire you and train you were you were short.  This would never happen in a tight job market!



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