The 2020 Central Florida Virtual Diversity Job Fair | November 17th-18th



Presented with Orlando County Mayor Jerry Demings and 14 Community Partners! is excited to announce the Central Florida 2020 Diversity Job Fair will take place virtually this year and feature over 60 employers. It will also feature live interviews, career expert help sessions, and free virtual resume reviews.
If you require a job, please use this link to find out more information and register:


Job Fair Information


What is the Diversity Job Fair?
A diversity job fair supports recruiting diverse talent to help Central Florida employers achieve their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.  Everyone is invited to attend so you can bring, you can connect live with employers.


Why should I attend?
This job fair will give you the opportunity to set a LIVE Video interview with employers on November 17th and 18th. If you find a job you qualify for, you select “schedule an interview” button, and you will be able to choose a time and schedule a Zoom interview with that employer. As a job seeker, YOU ARE IN CONTROL of what employers you interview with throughout the day. It is the opposite of applying to jobs and never getting a call for an interview!


Do I have to register?
Everyone registering before the event will get one-day early access to the virtual job fair platform. You will be able to use this day as a research day and schedule interviews and watch career videos, so you are ready for LIVE interviews on November 17th and 18th.
Register today here:


What type of companies will be attending?
The list is growing daily, but we will have companies from over 14 sectors. 
Educations, technology, hospitality, law enforcement, sales, security, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and many more. Click on the events page to see the updated list.


What does it cost?
There is no cost for job seekers.
(if you are an employer and want to be involved, please use this link:


Will you be providing information to get prepared for LIVE video interviews?
YES! That is why you have to register so we can send you that information so you can crush this event.  


What can I expect from your community partners?
All of our community partners are selected to help job seekers in so many ways. Our partners help people with disabilities, veterans, free training, soft skills, criminal backgrounds, and so much more. Many of our partners also have financial resources to help you while you are in a job search.


I am a hospitality worker who has been laid off. Will there be jobs for me? 
We are dedicating a lot of the pre-job training and career resources to help hospitality employees retool their resumes to shine in interviews. 

This talent pool is impressive, but many companies outside the hospitality industry have job descriptions that don’t match backgrounds, even though they do. We will be working with employers and showcasing how hospitality employees will significantly impact their company.

COVID-19 has done a lot of job damage in Central Florida. 

However, companies are hiring, and it is our goal to connect these employers with our outstanding, talented job seeker community in Orlando. This job fair will give the job seeker the ability to schedule LIVE interviews! This is how so many of you will be able to make a great first impression and get an excellent job!



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