Three Excellent Interview Questions You Have to Know How to Answer!

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Interviewing can be challenging, especially since most job seekers are not professional job seekers! Your prep work usually starts with finding and memorizing perfect answers to anticipated interview questions. While it is great to be prepared for the interview, memorizing answers makes you a robot, and a lot of time, your personality never gets on track. A better approach is just being authentic in your answers. Answer questions by using your previous experience as precise examples to paint a picture for the interviewer. This will be the only way to show your value. Employers want to hire genuine people, and being yourself makes you more likable, credible, and intelligent.   

Getting the interview means your skill set has already caught the employer's interest. Your job is to complement this with your authenticity and desire to excel in your career. You will be a great candidate if you treat the interview more like a friendly conversation.

With that is my top three interview questions that I hope an employer asks you.  

1. How Will You Add Value to Our Company?

This is the exact question you want: How does your job create or support revenue for the company? You have to have the answer and use examples from previous jobs to demonstrate your part in making a company professional.  

For example, "I have an extensive background in digital marketing and have been able to change product sold conversions from 12% when I started to 17%, which helped increase company sales".

This approach is powerful because it shows you've done your homework and you understand how the company makes money and how you can directly affect the outcome with your skills. If you are in administration, culinary, claims, risk management, housekeeping, or any other job, you can find out how your job touches money. This is the gold!

2. Can You Describe a Work Conflict and How You Handled It?

The mere mention of workplace conflict can induce anxiety, but this question offers a golden opportunity to showcase your problem-solving and interpersonal skills. For customer conflicts, consider a specific instance where you turned a problematic situation into a success story. Explain the problem, emphasizing how you handled it and the outcome. If asked about coworker disputes, don't go there, even if you had issues. The answer is always none.

3. Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

This is your chance to shine. The best answer is," Can you tell me about your past top performer in this job and what they did differently than average performers?" Not only does this get the employer talking to you, but you may learn a lot more about the position's day-to-day operations, so if you do get an offer, you will know what it takes to be the best.

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