Top Three Reasons to Determine If It's Time to Make a Job Change

Time to Make a Job Change


The Bureau of Labor Statistics measures the “quit rate.” The higher the rate, the more people are quitting their current jobs. The quit rate is at levels not seen in years. With our growing economy and the fact that there are more open jobs than there are workers, people are quitting their jobs at a very high rate for many reasons. On the top of that list is confidence. Workers today believe that the new employer will provide them a better long-term opportunity without the fear of losing the job if the economy does take a step backward. In other words, many are leaving very stable jobs for greener pastures in a red-hot economy.

Is this a good idea? Yes. Well, for some, maybe not. There are a lot of factors to consider a job change; especially if your current job is satisfactory. In a hot job market with limited workers, companies are spending tons of money on recruiters, advertising, and employment branding to entice you to join them.

For you to make the right decision, you have to examine the job, the company, its leadership, and be prepared during the interview to ask very tough questions about the company’s future. If you have a good job now and interview, this is the best time in the world to explore other opportunities without worrying about getting the job (no desperation). It is the same thing as buying a new car when you don’t need one. Your vehicle works fine, looks good, and gets you where you are going. If you find yourself on a car lot, you may find a car that is a significant upgrade from your current vehicle. Since you don’t need to buy the car, you can go into final negotiations with the upper hand. You will get a great deal, and if not, you can walk away. When you interview for a new job, this is precisely how you can make sure you are making a great decision and getting the best deal.

One other factor to think about is salary negotiation. If you like the job and are negotiating a salary, you can maximize the final offer. If the offer is $45,000 and you want $50,000, you can ask for it right there. If they can’t do it, you can stay at your current job. Most of the time they will meet your requirements. Over five years, that is $25,000 in extra earnings. If you were making 40,000, then you will see an additional 50,000 over five years; just “looking” at other jobs. Most companies give 2%-5% raises so to maximize your salary many times, you have to make job changes.

Why should you change jobs? Here are three reasons:

  1. Groundhog Day. This is where you are doing the same thing every day and not getting the experience to grow or learn other things. One way to determine this is to look at your co-workers who have been there for more than three years. Are they doing the same job they had on day one?
  1. Are you happy? We all have bills, families, and life to deal with your job life is a huge part of this. It is so hard to make a job change if you have a decent job with good pay and stability. So many workers are just not happy with their job for so many different reasons. What if you can find your exact job at your competitor who will pay you more, have better benefits, training for future jobs, and closer to your home? This is real, but since life gets in the way, it is hard for most even to think this is possible. Set up “job alerts” on job boards for your dream job. Great way to get started.
  1. Your leadership sucks. If you work in an environment with poor management, it is time to go. There are so many great jobs with leaders who have one goal; make you better and assist you in growing your career. Don’t wait around in this scenario.

There are more jobs open today than workers. It is a great time to really maximize your career worth!



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