When Recruiting in Central Florida You Need Better Job Titles

Back in the old days when you needed a great employee you would call your local newspaper, pay anywhere from $350.00-$1,200.00 to run a classified ad in the employment section.  To make your ad stand out, you may “bold” the title, add color, buy 15 lines of type or even take a quarter page.  You did this to make sure your job got noticed.  The bad news was the local paper was like the electric company…if you wanted to get some great candidates you had no choice but to pay to play. 

Today you have your company career website the opportunity to post your jobs to over 50,000 job boards.  The good news is that you actually spend less today on online recruiting then you did over 15 years ago using print media.  The issue is that job seekers use hundreds of resources when looking for a job so it is hard to figure out what sites to use to post your job.

You Need Better Job TitlesThe one thing you can control to get more applications is your job titles.  In Orlando or any city, job titles on most websites are so generic.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  A well done job title will yield you a larger candidate pool and it works like this:

  1. Job postings are mini websites.  The headline that captures the job seeker's attention is the job title.  The job title has to be well written so it gets clicks from the “job curious”, not just active job seekers. 
  2. Job seekers use “long tail keywords” in Google when searching for jobs.  In other words, they type exactly what they are looking in as many words as it takes.  Your job titles should be written in the same way a job seeker would search for that specific job. 
  3. SEO- Search Engine Optimization.   The more direct keywords you can develop in your job title (and job description), the easier it will be for a job seeker to find your job boards, career websites and Google.

The job title has three components that will make it stand out:

Direct Skills Need.
Make sure you add in exactly the skill need for the job.

Add the location to the job title.  This can be a city or a region.

Add some sizzle.
This is the secret sauce.  Add in a cool benefit your company provides.  Think about what separates your job from the competitors.  Is it a four day work week?  College tuition assistance? Most of the time, the best parts about the job are buried in the job description.

Some examples of great job titles:

1. Superstar Account Manager for Advertising Agency in Lake Mary

2. Accounting Supervisor - Medical background in Lake Nona – 3 weeks’ vacation

3. Senior Human Resource Manager - Define the Process for Success in Orlando!

4. Interactive Senior Graphic Designer - Leading Interactive Marketing and Advertising Agency in downtown Orlando

Headlines rule the internet and your job title is your chance to get clicks by the job curious.  With over 50% of job seekers using mobile to access OrlandoJobs.com, the only way to catch their attention is to make sure your job title really tells your story.

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