You Deserve a Great Job in Orlando in 2020 - This Is How You Get One.

Deserve Great Job Orlando 2020

The Year of the Skill


What is the most crucial career tip for 2020? So many of you have jobs that are not great fits to the career person you want to be. You have massive commutes, road tolls, substantial daycare costs, horrible boss or coworkers, no upward mobility, lack of team spirit, low pay, no benefits, and the list goes on and on.

Why? Does it have to be this way? What is something YOU can change in 2020 that can help your career outlook?

We have worked with thousands of job seekers over the years who have found that great careers fits each individual person; no one else. Think of it this way. When you go to a doctor, the doctor closes the door and evaluates only you. Doctors figure out your aliment and figures out a path to get you back to normal. What the doctor doesn't do is post your case on a health blog so others who "think" they have the same issue, can try to fix themselves with no medical attention.

Who are you listening to for your career prescription? In 2020, our wish to you is that for anyone who is struggling to get ahead can find a career coach who will be able to help you get to where YOU want to go in the job that you WANT to do.

The most important career tip for 2020 is pretty simple. Identify if you have the skillset to accelerate your career in your chosen field. Central Florida jobs are skill-based, and that skillset and your awesome attitude will pay huge dividends. Many times, it will require additional training. This is where YOU fly by your competition by getting professional training in your desired skill set. Most of the time, these are not four-year degrees but 6 -12-month designations or certifications. The great news is Central Florida has so many organizations that can help anyone (most with no cost) get rocking.

Some examples are:


Soft Skills - LifeWorks Training - Jobs Partnership Next classes start February. (No Cost)

Culinary Training - Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida (awesome program with job placement)

United Way of Central Florida - Numerous programs to assist in a job search.

Career Source Central Florida All types of help, training and assistance for job seekers


This just scratches the surface. Central Florida has help for most situations including court related issues, job training and placement for those with disabilities as well as financial issues.

Don't forget Central Florida has top notch schools all have very specific training degrees and certifications. Yes, they are not free BUT you have to find a way to invest in yourself if you want to propel yourself into an exciting career.

Here are some examples about what I am talking about:


UCF - University of Continuing Education - @ucfce So many awesome skill-based courses. Ever think about becoming a project manager ($50-90k per year)? UCF can help.

ECPI University - ECPI University Cyber Security training This is a great example of a field that has nothing but upside that you may have not even considered. This industry comes with great salaries and tremendous upward mobility.

Orange County Technical College - Orange Technical College Amazing on point skill-driven courses that are extremely affordable (also with assistance). Don’t even know where to begin but they can train you in 3D Animation, Drafting, HVAC, Pastry Arts, Modeling Simulation Design, Welding, Marketing, Surgical Technology, Emergency Medical Technician and s much more. Read through the courses you know nothing about to start to understand what skills you have that are waiting to be uncovered! (Cost is minimal)


2020 is the year of the SKILL. Many of the skills needed in today’s world you may not even know exist. This is why education is key to learn about these skills. Research these and other resources and take charge of your future in 2020. You can do it and don't let anyone around you (friends, family, google, etc.) give you advice because many don't know what they are talking about. Skill and soft skill training are your ticket to a great, fulfilling career!



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