Your 2021 Orlando Job Search Starts Today – Our Best Advice Get That Great Job!

Your 2021 Job search

Finding a great job right now for many feels impossible. Forgotten in the coronavirus crisis is that many careers have also been put on hold or never started. So many Central Floridians have literally spent the last ten months trying to figure out how they will find a great job once the virus has passed.

The good news is NOW is the time to start the process of getting a great job in 2021. If you do your job search correctly with a great plan and real passion, 2021 may be the best year yet to get your career moving! It doesn’t feel like it today, but that is why there is such a great opportunity awaiting as long as you take action. You don’t buy a stock after it has already hit its high; you buy it when the price is low, but it has great potential. The same thing is going on right now with jobs. Too many people are sitting on the sidelines NOT doing anything and this, along with employers starting to ramp up, is a huge opportunity.

For those of you who are not ready to go to work at a location, this article is for you as well.

The virus will pass, and starting an optimized job search will allow you to identify to best jobs when it is 100% safe to go back to work!

The steps to get a great job all comes down to one thing; interviews. You apply to jobs and never hear back and wonder why. You have to understand why this happens and then make the correct changes; you will increase the number of interviews you will get with employers.

Sounds simple, but how is this done?

Here are the steps:


  1. You must OPTIMIZE your resume before the job search.
    This video will take you step by step on how to do this and why. It WILL get you more interviews if you follow the steps. This is the most important part of the process that will get you to the top of stack. VERY IMPORTANT.

Optimize Resume



  1. Change the way you find open jobs that fit your background.
    It really is easy to go to job boards and apply to numerous jobs and sit back and wait. This is just part of your strategy. In this video, we will show you many other resources at your fingertips you can use to open jobs that don’t reside on job boards. Right now, 50% of open jobs in Orlando can’t be found on job boards. This video will show you where to look for great companies and their job offerings. Also, with remote jobs in play (even after COVID passes), this creates a nationwide search that can yield some tremendous opportunities. Watch this video and learn.

Fit Background



  1. Video interviewing will around even when COVID passes.
    This video will demonstrate how to have a great video interview. A video interview with a company is as important as a face to face so you have to make a great first impression.

video interview



Bottom line is simple. Find a job you want to apply to and make sure your resume is optimized so you will be considered for an interview. Once you get the interview, make sure you are prepared better than anyone else. Finally, DON’T fall into the trap that no one is hiring during COVID or the holidays...this is just not true but many people believe. The job market in Orlando will take off soon and you will be prepared to capture the best jobs that come open!



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