Your Central Florida Job Titles Hold the Key For a Great Response!

The unemployment rate in the Central Florida is 5.2%.  For most Central Florida companies who need to hire, they usually have a “go to” procedure that takes the job requisition and posts it to their company website as well as employment sites like  Copy and paste is still the preferred way to post these jobs that have job titles and descriptions most likely created years ago.

If this sounds like your normal routine, you need to reconsider at least changing your job titles.  Everyone is a headline scanner and job titles are headlines.  We have statistics to prove it. Here are some examples. (Posted on

Job Title


Number of Days Posted

Number of


Number of


Account Executive

Lake Mary




Account Executive- Work in Downtown Orlando!





Civil Engineer





Civil Engineer – Ready to Take that Next Step?





Notice the little change in in the title in both examples yielded a huge increase in applications!  This is not rocket science but a real live example of the thirst job seekers have to be sold.  

You also have to consider your 2015 Central Florida job seeker audience.  Speaking for, we have been collecting Central Florida candidates since 2005.  When an employer posts a job, our technology allows us to send that job to matches via many means. (Mobile, jobs by email, job search agents, 30 plus local events, job targeting, pay per click, etc.).  The reason this is VERY important to understand no matter what source(s) you use to find people, you will not get a great response to a job if you continue to serve boring job titles.  

The secret.  The infamous “passive job seeker” uses their mobile phone to quickly view their “jobs by email” that they set up years ago. (OJ sends over 1 million JBE’s monthly)  The only thing that will catch a passive job seekers eye is a great job title.  A great job title, just like an interesting news headline, will have a much better chance of getting a click.  No question about it.

A great job title will get curious job seekers to click on your job postings.  It is very hard to make a warehouse fork lift driver  “sexy” but you will be surprised if you add in the job title a specific benefit like three weeks’ vacation, bonus potential,  4 day work week or anything else that your company may offer. 

Changing the job title will get better response guaranteed!  Just make sure that once they click to find out more information that the job description can back up your great job title!


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