Your Employment Brand in Central Florida is More Important Than Ever!


Your Employment Brand in Central Florida is More Important Than Ever! 

Finding outstanding talent (and keeping them) is hard. Can I get an Amen? In 2024, you must stand out from competitors to attract talent who authentically wants to work for your company. This is the challenge. Orlando area companies have their recruiting strategies with varying results. Employers post jobs, attend job fairs, scan internal and external resume databases, and use staffing and recruiting agencies. Companies are also learning to use digital marketing, programmatic ads, and artificial intelligence to extend their talent search footprint further.  

A great employer brand may be the secret to standing out on ANY recruiting platform to find great insurance talent! 

An effective employer brand differentiates your company from others and creates excitement for candidates, giving them additional reasons to apply. Do you have an employment brand? If not, here are some ideas and examples of employment brands in the insurance industry. 

Employer branding is more than just a tagline and logo. You want it to introduce your company's values, culture, and work environment to prospective employees. Your top goal is making your organization an employer of choice, which should fire up the future workforce. A great example is when Orlando Sentinel recognizes you as a top 50 places to work! Here is the list! This is like winning an Academy Award and should be included in all job posts! 

To get your employer brand rocking, here are some ideas: 

  1. Define Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP). What sets your organization apart as an employer? Is your company committed to innovation? Do you provide opportunities for professional development? While you may know these answers, your UVP must impact current and future employees. The easiest way to find out is to get feedback by surveying your current employees and asking them how they found the job, what they like about the company and its culture, and how they would personally recruit future employees. You will get some fantastic feedback that will help you fine-tune your employment brand. 

  1. Get Your Employees to Share Their Stories. Get real stories from employees who will provide genuine insight into your company culture. Have them highlight their achievements, career path, and anything they participate in outside their job that your company supports. 

  1. Leverage Your Social Media/Digital Presence. Get your message out. So many Orlando companies have many followers on their social platforms but only use this audience to market their products. Get this rule changed! Have a couple of posts a week showcasing your employment brand through videos, jobs, and company employee activities. Very powerful. 





Here are some examples of fantastic employee brands from Central Florida Companies. 


"You Belong at Publix. Because Publix belongs to you! Build your career at the largest employee-owned supermarket chain in the nation today." Excellent employment brand statement that includes a competitive advantage over most supermarket chains; employee owned. Not only do you work there, but you also own a piece of the company. They should do a billboard campaign with their logo and their tagline. This would undoubtedly work well!   


"We inspire and are inspired, listen and respond, empower our people, give back to our community, and most importantly, celebrate every success along the way. We do it all - The Aflac Way". Aflac is known for fostering a supportive and family-like environment. Aflac takes great pride in showcasing its initiatives prioritizing employee well-being and work-life balance. Career-minded employees of Aflac will undoubtedly agree with all of this! 

Marriott International 

"Marriot is where I belong". Marriott's brand-new campaign is called "Be". "Be" will empower employees to go after their career goals. They also want future talent to know their commitment to creating a culture of inclusion and offer unique opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. Future talent will also see they are a top ten Fortune Media and Great Place to Work and a global 100 best companies to work for! There are a lot of ways to attract talent. 

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