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Many of us grew up with the memory of a corner grocery store. Others remember helping our mothers bag groceries or push a cart through a neighborhood ALDI store. As you have grown smarter in your approach to shopping over the years, ALDI has evolved its stores to reflect your preferences. Today, we build ALDI stores in growing areas so more of you can enjoy Incredible Value Every Day. Over the past few years, we've made all of our stores more comfortable and inviting by remodeling with fresh colors and in-store graphics that highlight our quality and savings. We've added open refrigeration units to display our fresh meat, put in more space for Special Purchase items, and constantly re-evaluate product placement to make room for new items that will complete your shopping experience with bigger, better, and more of what you want. All the while pledging to bring you the highest quality for the lowest price. Benefits Group major medical and dental program including vision Life and disability insurance, 3 sick days per year 401(K) (optional) Retirement Savings Plan 5% of gross wages up to $2,000 annually; vesting as set forth in the plan. Vacation Length of Service Vacation Employee Starting date to 6 Month Anniversary No Vacation After 6 month Anniversary date One Week After 1 Year Anniversary date One Week After 2 Year Anniversary date Two Weeks After 5 Year Anniversary date Three Weeks After 12 Year Anniversary date Four Weeks After 18 Year Anniversary date Five Weeks Holidays Six national holidays, 2 personal days after 90 days employment, 3 after one year. Trial Period There will be a 90-day trial period for all employees for purposes of evaluation. Our growth is exploding and we need dedicated individuals to join our Store. You'll be an essential part of our operation and the face of our company. It's a great opportunity to work for the leader in limited assortment groceries and earn the rewards.

  • Higher salaries
  • Major medical and dental
  • 401(k)
  • Great vacation package
  • Paid holidays


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