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About Seawright & Associates

In 1995, Jean Seawright made her dream a reality. She founded a professional HR consultation practice dedicated to providing select clients with high-quality services, expert advice, and creative, yet practical, human resource solutions. But that is not all Jean was determined to set her firm apart from the rest. Her unquenchable passion for business combined with her unique ability to position a company's human assets for growth and profits, have added immense value to all of her firms engagements. As their clients will attest, Seawright & Associates is no ordinary HR management consulting firm. Today the firm remains committed to its core principles of quality, professionalism, and integrity, while offering a wide variety of HR services and trusted advice to business owners, CEOs, boards, and HR leaders across the nation. Seawright & Associates represents employers exclusively in personnel and human resource matters. We are not attorneys we are human resource experts who seek to reduce or eliminate your legal liabilities. We are the experts that you call first before you make a decision or implement a strategy that could result in liability, lost revenue, low morale, or declining productivity. Our objective is to boost your bottom line by saving you time, providing the answers you need and giving you peace of mind. Our aim has never been to be the biggest human resource consulting firm only the best.

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