Florida Blue

About Florida Blue


If you are looking for an industry-leading, innovative company, with exciting, fast-paced growth, we are here for you! From our dynamic retail store employees and care consultant nurses to our customer contact champions and innovative product teams, we thrive on finding exceptional people who look to succeed by putting the customer first.

Benefits & Rewards

A positive employee experience leads to satisfied and loyal customers. That’s why our employee benefits are designed to take care of you, helping you be the best at work and in life. Likewise, we reward employees who deliver value to customers, who seek out new and different ways to make customers a priority.

Community Commitment

Every day our employees take part in community efforts to improve the neighborhoods of the people we serve. In fact, giving back is so important to us that we allocate paid time off to employees who volunteer in their communities. It’s just one way we show our customers that we see them, we hear them and we care.


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