Culinary Chef - Chef de Cuisine

Red Mug Diner
Orlando, Florida
Aug 22, 2016
Oct 21, 2016
Contract Type
Full Time

Chef de Cuisine

Education/Culinary Experience:

  • Minimum five year’s experience as an independent Restaurant Chef, culinary degree, four year’s of experience as a Sous Chef, and five years related culinary experience 
  • Proficient in all stations in the kitchen and demonstrated leadership abilities
  • Proficient in control labor/food cost, be safeserv manager certified, and have relations with food distributors

Culinary Skills:

  1. Absolute Passion for food and cooking
  2. Desire to grow into an ownership position
  3. Demonstrates, inspires, and takes ownership of clean work habits, and a safe, clean work area
  4. Ability to lead a large culinary team in effective food handling, sanitation, and hygiene practices
  5. Ability to develop, maintain and manage an effective HACCP program
  6. Ability to develop HAZCOM, MSDS sheets, and appropriate procedures
  7. Absolute proficiency with all tools in the kitchen, knife skills, and measurements
  8. Ability to instruct culinary staff in consistently producing standardized recipes and plate presentations
  9. Ability to convert recipes 
  10. Proficiently in oversight and inspiration of culinary staff in creation of new menu items consistent with company standards
  11. Proficient with basic ingredients and with ingredients specialized to the restaurant
  12. Proficient with all cooking methods and ability to produce with little instruction
  13. Proficient with all kitchen equipment
  14. Proficient with all smallwares 
  15. Proficient with all culinary techniques
  16. Proficient in all culinary positions 
  17. Proficient in all butchering, fabrication, and full utilization of raw animal proteins
  18. Consistently provides good judgement of food quality, quantity, and production
  19. Strict consistency in adherence to aforementioned culinary skills 
  20. Consistent entertaining management style within a guest service focus in a show kitchen environment

Management Skills

  1. Ability to build and maintain guest relations and satisfaction measurements
  2. Ability to maintain company specified cost controls and accurate inventory
  3. Ability to produce and deliver on budgets
  4. Ability to manage accounts payable and receivable
  5. Ability to hire and fire staff based on company guidelines
  6. Ability to conduct team building exercises and develop training programs
  7. Ability to analyze P&L statements and isolate and manage variances 
  8. Ability to consistently meet company specified financial goals
  9. Ability to enhance labor and food cost synergy producing more for less
  10. Ability to manage multiple purveyors and mitigate costs associated with purchasing
  11. Ability to consistently develop menu items and associated implementation skills including costing, inventory utilization, training, and sales direction
  12. Ability to develop infrastructure systems including checklists, diagrams, and recipe management
  13. Consistently maintain company and facility assets with maintenance management and loss prevention procedures

Job Knowledge:

  1. Expert practice of kitchen lingo, etiquette, and culture
  2. Expert Knowledge of culinary terms
  3. Expert Knowledge of modern and classical cooking
  4. Expert Knowledge of specialized ingredients and culinary trends
  5. Absolute knowledge of food cost and profit margins
  6. Absolute control and mitigation of spoilage
  7. Effective utilization of POS, Recipe Software, MS Office and other company computer equipment

Leadership Abilities:

  1. Ability to take direction from ownership team and business partners
  2. Ability to respond positively to criticism and take ownership of 
  3. Ability to retain a diverse culinary team with positive influences
  4. Desire, Passion, and Enthusiasm
  5. Team leader
  6. Expert Communication skills coupled with the ability to disseminate information to entire staff
  7. Demonstrates leadership in the kitchen
  8. Ability to train others in sanitation, HACCP, safety standards, and all kitchen stations
  9. Ability to make independent decisions responsibly
  10. Ability to operate autonomously
  11. Ability to delegate tasks
  12. Ability to plan daily production requirements
  13. Ability to schedule labor hours based on business levels
  14. Ability to partner with front of the house service staff and management


  1. Conduct business in a professional manner 
  2. Adhere to Operational and Management Protocol 
  3. Complete Accountability for all culinary workstations and daily operations including:
    • Daily inventory and food management
    • HACCP
    • Station Checklists
    • Railroad Duty’s
    • Daily Mise en Place
    • Prep Lists
    • Production and Recipe Consistency