Executive Assistant

Orlando, Florida
Sep 26, 2016
Nov 14, 2016
Contract Type
Full Time

Assistant to the President and Trade Show Director

  • Enter booth contracts in ACT, send contact reports to accounting.
  • Send out all Marketing materials related to GOA(including large scale mailings).
  • Format and collate all written materials for VP, Show Director.
  • Run reports from the ACT database.
  • Create weekly reports on sales efforts.
  • Create Trade Show Council meeting materials.
  • Assist operations director with international shipments via UPS.
  • Set up sales office onsite at GOA.
  • Train temporary staff onsite at GOA.
  • Operate mail machine.

Job Duties

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

  • Create and maintain a detailed spreadsheet of all web and print advertising with trade publications including deadline dates to assist communications.
  • Contact all trades publications who need booth space at GOA to establish booth contracts and furniture/electric/drayage etc.
  • Create a dynamic spreadsheet listing all trades, PAF members and pay exhibitors who order furniture services using the GOA furniture package form.
  • Keep track of all comp services that are given to exhibitors and communicate to contractor, operations, sales and management.
  • Send weekly updates on exhibitor lists including new additions, cancel exhibitors, booth moves, upgrades, downgrades, company name changes etc. to all contractors for GOA.
  • Create and maintain the Exhibitor Marketing timeline which includes historical data, mail quantities for print and a date deadline schedule to keep our marketing on track.
  • Participate in weekly calls with CDS Registration Company/Exhibitor Liaison for registration
  • Keep historical binder books of GOA booth contracts and Sponsorship & Advertising.
  • Manage all badge requests for Board Badges, Contractor Badges, Speaker Badges, Student badges, and Staff Badges.
  • Create Mailing Lists for trades or exhibitor requests using the CDS registration system. Process Mailing List forms and communicate with the mail house to deliver the job.
  • Produce Visa Invitation Letters for all exhibitors.
  • Send out IBP binders to delegates using APO military addresses and US 2976 postal customs forms. 
  • Assist in the IBP binder project with documents and disc production.
  • Free Seminar Pass mailings.
  • Free Seminar Pass registrations for Latin trades.
  • Create and maintain the Show Planning Agenda for GOA meetings.
  • Maintain PAF Board of Directors & TSC list.
  • Send out all agendas and minutes for board meetings.
  • Send out all agendas and minutes for Trade Show Council meetings.
  • Create board books/meeting materials.
  • Send out GOA speaker agreements.
  • Create all booth assignments and reservations using the A2Z floorplan database.
  • Maintain the floorplan with all configuration changes and exhibitor changes.
  • Process all changes to exhibitor information using both ACT & A2Z databases.
  • Communicate with all trades to arrange publication shipment for pub bins.
  • Manage pub bins onsite with un-authorized publications and quantities.
  • Process and manage proof approvals, maintain binder with historical data.
  • Travel Arrangements for Board, Staff and PAF guests.
  • Template management for confirmation letters, IBP and expo guide reminders.
  • Send confirmation letters.
  • Send Exhibitor Expo Guide Reminders.
  • Assist in PMC, registration, award walls setup.
  • Show office onsite at GOA, train temporary staff.  
  • Receptionist for PAF & GOA.
  • First point of contact for GOA website.
  • First point of contact for all outside inquires, CDS website trades etc.
  • GALA Registration list and table assignment.
  • Arrange special mailings for campaigns: Oranges & Roses marketing campaigns.
  • Show Announcements documents.
  • Update database(s) with return mail.