Communicator II

Kennedy Space Center, Florida
Sep 29, 2016
Nov 28, 2016

Skills:   Candidates will perform in the new "Explorers Wanted" Live production interacting with live audiences and A/V systems. Will engage and connect with audiences of all ages, possibly improvising at times. Theatrical training/acting experience preferred including ability to memorize and perform a script, plus poise and experience in improvisational situations also necessary. Will compile research on past, present and future space exploration information. Evolve and maintain detailed program outlines and interpretation strategies for presentations and shows.




1st Major Function (75% of time spent)

  • Perform in “Journey to Mars” live stage production interacting w/ multiple audio visual systems and live audiences. Rehearse lines, blocking and cues as directed. More than simply reciting a script, this position calls for connecting with audiences.  In most places the performance is precisely scripted.  In a few places the Communicator will need to improvise live in front of an audience of visitors, while remaining true to NASA's history, science, program and policy.

2nd Major Function (15% of time spent)

  • Be current on NASA activities, other rocket launches and space events at KSC, Cape Canaveral, and world wide.

3rd Major Function (5% of time spent)

  •    Support Launch and other special events as needed.

4th  Major Function (5% of time spent)

  • Support NASA/DNC VIP tours as required.
  • All other duties as assigned.



Experience: Preferred to have prior writing, communications and presentation experience. MUST BE COMFORTABLE PERFORMING IN FRONT OF LARGE AUDIENCES!

WORK EXPERIENCE - Indicate the minimum years of experience and type of experience typically required to perform the responsibilities of the position. For technical positions, include essential software or hardware experience.

· Prior writing, communications and presentation skills. Theatrical training and acting experience preferred, including the ability to memorize and perform a script, with the performance synchronized to programmed elements,plus experience and poise when performing publically in improvisational situations.

· Ability to interpret complex technical information confidently and effectively to visitors of varying ages and backgrounds. Thorough knowledge of NASA programs and objectives preferred.

· Use of electronic equipment and computer equipment such as microphones, and software such as Windows Pro XP PPT, Word, Excel, Power Point, Adobe Photoshop etc. Exposure to video editing software. i.e. Adobe Premier preferred. Audition required.

Equal Employment Opportunity

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