Flat Rate Technician

Orlando, Florida
Sep 30, 2016
Nov 29, 2016


The Service Technician is responsible for performing vehicle repair and maintenance work as assigned in accordance with dealer and factory standards. S/he also will oversee the work of any apprentice technician assigned to him/her.


Essential Duties include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Receive repair orders from dispatcher/Service Advisor and take to stall area.

  • Diagnose cause of any malfunction and perform repair.

  • Perform work as outlined on repair order with efficiency and accuracy, in accordance with dealership and factory standards.

  • Communicate with parts department to obtain needed parts.

  • Save, tag and return to the parts department all parts involved in warranty repair and obtain a receipt stamp for said parts.Save and tag all parts requested to be returned to the customer.

  • Examine the vehicle to determine if additional safety or service work is requested.

  • Advise service advisor immediately if additional work is needed, if work outlined is not needed, or if repairs cannot be completed within the time promised.

  • Document work performed and recommended on the repair order. Upon completion of work return repair order to Dispatcher/Service Advisor.

  • Road-test vehicles when required or refer to the test technician, keeping in mind that customer’ vehicles should not be used for personal errands. Always road-test vehicles to quality-check work performed.

  • Ensure that customers’ vehicles are kept clean, undamaged, and without changes to the comfort, convenience systems or audio system settings. Notifies service advisor immediately of anything that has happened to change the appearance or condition of the vehicle.

  • Supervise work of any apprentice technicians as assigned.

  • Attend factory-sponsored training classes.

  • Keep abreast of factory technical bulletins.

  • Keep shop area neat and clean and be able to account for all dealership- owned tools at all times.

  • Understand, keep up to date, and comply with federal, state, and local regulations that affect service operations such as; safety rules and procedures, hazardous waste disposal, OSHA right-to-know, etc.

  • Wear appropriate PPE, including regular use of company provided safety goggles.

  • Appropriately and safely operate all tools and equipment as mandated through safety training. Report any safety, equipment defects or malfunction issues to management immediately.

  • Attend all dealership and service department meetings when requested.