Network Administrator / Information Technology

Lake Mary, Florida
Full time benefits effective first day of employment.
Oct 12, 2016
Nov 01, 2016
Contract Type
Full Time

SUMMARY: Knowledgeable of local and wide area networks topology and engineering structural forms. Knowledge of network communications protocols that enable Client/Server functionality of local and wide area networks, as well as knowledge of networking topologies. Knowledge of network operating systems and how they play in client/server connectivity. Knowledge of Internet Protocol and subnet-masking and the ability to setup and configure these networking protocols. This person is responsible for numerous networking and client/server related Information Technology projects. This person must understand and be able to troubleshoot the networking issues. This person must have the knowledge to configure Windows servers and workstations in a client/server environment. Troubleshoot and diagnose network communication errors and perform the proper procedures to assure minimal network downtime. Adapt to a multi-platform Information Technology solutions.


  • Network administration of all applications on all Windows servers including but not limited to:
  • Network Client/Server application installation and configuration for Windows operating systems
  • Windows Active Directory Service including Group Policies
  • All PC and Server WAN/LAN/WLAN hardware, workstations, software, peripherals, communications links
  • Setup and administer Anti-Virus server and clients
  • Internal and External Web Servers
  • E-Mail including web and mobile E-Mail
  • Patch Management
  • Databases
  • Network Printing
  • Routine network backups
  • Understand and administer network security needs including auditing network security
  • TCP/IP networking protocols
  • Roll out hardware and software to ensure optimal deployment of resources
  • System administration scripting
  • Assists with technology planning through ongoing research
  • Installs, and supports local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) hardware and software. Implement LAN/WAN hardware and software projects. 
  • Installation of required hardware and software in a client/server environment. 
  • Maintains technical expertise in all areas of network and computer hardware and software interconnection and interfacing, such as routers, multiplexers, hubs, bridges, gateways, etc.
  • Conduct training at user level concerning new projects and implemented information technology solutions.
  • Work with 3rd party vendors during all levels of implementation of information technology projects.
  • Through AD User and Group administration (add, delete, disable, manage home directories, manage user/group policies/rights, set up auditing, etc).
  • Install and configure general User and Server software on servers and workstations (including service packs, patches, application updates, etc.).
  • Work with NTFS security (file, folder and object access permissions).
  • Work with most Intel based, workstation and server hardware and peripherals (install, configure, basic trouble shooting, etc.).
  • Participates in departmental projects to ensure the timely, accurate, planned completion and implementation of technology hardware and software projects.
  • Conducts research, identifies vendors, develops requests for proposals (RFP), analyzes proposals, and recommends sound strategies for both small and large scale technical projects.
  • Assists the daily network operations to ensure timely support and minimum down-time.
  • Conducts daily monitoring and maintenance activities in accordance prescribed protocols to insure the most effective utilization and performance of the computer systems.
  • Assist with the training of network end users as necessary to help ensure that the end user has the necessary skill set and knowledge to effectively and fully utilize network hardware and software.
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by management.

EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE:High school diploma or general education degree (GED). At least 3 years previous Network Administration or related experience required. Proficient in the configuration, Windows workstation, etc. (network settings, end-user application installation, etc.). Possess a basic understanding of networking in a LAN based Ethernet environment.  MCSE Certification highly preferred. CFE is an Equal Opportunity Employer.