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Orlando, Florida
Aug 10, 2020
Sep 29, 2020
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 The Success Training Employment Program Online FAQs Sheet 

What is STEP Online? 

STEP Online is a web-based adult workforce training program designed to help individuals overcome barriers to employment. It is a 3-phase cognitive program providing tools to get a job, keep that job and reach financial goals. Participants will interact with their peers in an online cohort setting where they learn hard and soft skills that make them desirable employees. STEP Online includes course content for job preparation, job acquisition, workplace skills, emotional intelligence, personal finance, and much more. Participants will graduate after completion of 120-hours of coursework over four short weeks! How awesome is that?! 

The first online session is scheduled to begin Monday, July 13, 2020. Classes will be held Monday through Friday from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, for 4 weeks, with additional independent work each day. Graduation is TBA. 

What can participants expect? 

STEP Online participants will benefit from curriculum developed by UP Center staff and educators during Phase 1 of the program. Courses will focus on fundamental computer literacy; resume creation, interviewing skills, financial literacy, emotional intelligence and more. Participants will also be expected to complete and submit online assignments and engage in group discussions between sessions. Through these experiential exercises, assessments, one-on-one coaching and more; participants will be equipped with the tools they need for a competitive workforce. 

What can participants expect in Phase 2? 

Upon completion of Phase 1, students graduate into the second phase of the program which focuses on individualized skill development, employment preparation and job placement. The Workforce Development Manager connects each participant with opportunities to interview for positions that align with their career path. 

What can participants expect in Phase 3? 

Once the participant has obtained employment, they enter Phase 3 which focuses on employment retention and career development. Each participant is paired with a personal Success Coach who continues to work with them for three years to ensure they excel in their current position and become a strong candidate for future career advancement opportunities. 

Do you offer any type of assistance to participants? 

STEP Online participants will receive food assistance through vouchers to the UP Center Member Share Grocery Program. Clothing assistance will also be provided through the STEP Professional Clothing Closet. 

Transportation supports may be available during Phases 2 & 3 of the program to assist with transportation to interviews and during the first 90 days of employment. Assistance will be offered on a case by case basis. 

Will participants be ready in just 4 weeks? 

Program participants who enroll in STEP with a strong desire to learn best practice techniques in emotional intelligence, job acquisition, and workplace skills can graduate the 120-hours course with the knowledge and understanding needed to be successful employees. Many students participate in continuing education opportunities in conjunction with STEP, such as a career or technical training and/or a GED program to increase their career options and earning potential. Success starts with the program participant and their willingness and motivation to create positive change in their lives through employment opportunities. 

What are the requirements to enroll? 

To participate in STEP Online, a participant will need: 

  • Access to a laptop/computer with microphone/speaker/camera capabilities 
  • Wifi/Internet connection 
  • Designated space to work (with minimal distractions) 
  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel version 2007 or later (installed on laptop or computer) 
  • Some experience navigating a computer, basic keyboarding/typing skills, and basic knowledge of Microsoft Word 


How can candidates register for STEP Online or learn more? 

Visit our website at and complete our online interest form. A STEP Recruiter will contact applicants to schedule an interview for enrollment into the program. 

STEP Online has been developed in response to our current health crisis, offering participants a way to engage at a distance as we adhere to necessary social distancing guidelines. We understand that an online program has some requirements that may not suit some candidates. We will continue our efforts to offer creative solutions to those who are unable to participate in remote learning opportunities. Our goal is to offer a quality online program and assistance to those who are on a path to financial independence and success through employment. 

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