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Physician Assistant Surgery - Peds Cardio Surgery - Arnold Palmer Hospital


Physician Assistant Surgery - Peds Cardio Surgery - Arnold Palmer Hospital - Orlando Health Heart Institute

Arnold Palmer Hospitals Heart Center is comprised of a dedicated, multidisciplinary team that works together to provide extraordinary care to all our patients. Our goal is to offer our patient population advanced surgical approaches to provide the safest therapy available to treat their congenital heart lesions and beyond. Below are some of the baseline expectations and functions of the Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery PAs role; however, within this highly functioning and rewarding field, you may be called upon to lend a helping hand when needed in any aspect of care.

Essential Functions


  • First and second assists in pediatric cardiac surgical cases.

  • Assist with CPS/ECMO line stabilization, and emergency procedures.

  • Remains with the patient at completion of the operation to transfer and transport the patient to the Pediatric CVICU.

  • Remains with the patient in the Pediatric CVICU until the patient is stabilized and the ICU team can fully take over all aspects of the care of the patient.

  • Writes a "brief op note" following the completion of each operation or procedure (unless surgical note is complete already).

  • Round on all post-operative patients and examine the surgical incisions daily. Continue to evaluate site once the surgical dressing is removed and assist with surgical post-operative wound concerns and team education.

  • Assist in emergency life-saving procedures in cases such as cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, massive hemorrhage, or similar catastrophe.

  • Follow up on studies done throughout the day (i.e. ECHOs, MRI/CT/US, EEG, and abnormal EKG) and communicate with surgeon(s).

  • When the CHD surgical Advanced Practice Provider is out or unavailable, the role will expand to assist with obtaining a detailed H&P on pre-operative patients, enter pre-operative orders, assist in surgical inpatient consults, post-op wound clinic, as well as update H&P in pre-op as needed.

  • Responsible for surgical assist call for up to 15 days a month with on-site response time within 30 minutes.


  • Participates in department conferences and weekly Pediatric CVICU multidisciplinary rounds.

  • Maintains STS and APH Ped CT Surgery Database and ensures all aspects of the database are completed and filled out in its entirety.

  • Maintains registry of all intra-operative photos and videos. Have the intraoperative photographs loaded ahead of time, to be viewed at Friday morning conference.

  • Maintains spreadsheet of all surgical cases performed, with bi-monthly (1st and 15th) updates emailed to surgeons.

  • Participates in certain aspects of clinical research as designated by the surgeons.

  • Participates in quality improvement projects for the CHD surgical team.


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