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Psychometrist - Orlando Health Neuropsychology Group - Day Shift


Psychometrist - Orlando Health Neuropsychology Group - Day Shift - Orlando Health Medical Group

Responsible for the administration and scoring of a variety ofcognitive and psychological tests under the supervision of a clinical psychologistor clinical neuropsychologist.


Bachelors degree in psychology or related field.


Six monthsin the administration of psychological/neuropsychological examinations.

Essential Functions

Administers and scores psychological and neuropsychological tests.

Makes notes of behavioral observations during the assessment.

May be responsible for collecting demographic information from apatient, and where appropriate, entering test data or background informationinto a template

Psychometrist does not interpret, diagnose, or treat any mental orneurological illness and does not formulate or integrate any clinical material,does not engage in clinical interviewing, and does not provide feedback ofresults to patients or their families during or after evaluations.

Maintains reasonably regular, punctual attendance consistent withOrlando Health policies, the ADA, FMLA and other federal, state and localstandards.

Maintains compliance with all Orlando Health policies and procedures.


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