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Oct 31, 2021
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JOB SUMMARY: Performs specialized landscape maintenance functions as part of a Horticulture team in addition to having knowledge in the botanical names of all common trees, palms, and shrubs; ability to install shrubbery, foliage, trees; ability to understand the nomenclature of all common foliage; ability to make decisions.


  • Responsible for maintenance of shrub, vine, ground cover and turf maintenance, including decision making on method, timing, and tools.
  • Responsible for culture and care of specialty crops including roses, topiaries, and foliage plants.
  • Responsible for bedding plant selection, care and layout.
  • Performs diagnosis of plant nutrition and pest control needs; fertilization and herbicide.
  • Performs landscape rehabilitation, including demolition and installation.
  • Heavy equipment operation i.e.: JCB front end loader
  • Identify need for and provide supplemental water with manual operation of automatic irrigation zones and hand watering.
  • Maintains equipment in proper running order.
  • Understand and actively participate in Environmental, Health & Safety responsibilities by following established UO policy, procedures, training and team member involvement activities.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

SCOPE: Responsible for performing basic horticulture functions including: All shrub and tree installations, maintenance of all foliage, detailing and clean-up. In addition, being able to operate manual irrigation valves and support watering efforts. Being accountable to spot deficiencies in the landscapes and identify pests. Furthermore, having good decision making skills and strong leadership qualities.

EDUCATION: High school degree or GED is required. Associate's degree (AA) in Horticulture or equivalent from two-year College or technical school is preferred. Successful completion of 6 courses as listed below for Valencia Community College Horticulture Program or equivalent training is preferred:

HOS 1010 Introduction to Horticulture
ORH 1510 Ornamental Plant Materials I
ORH 1511 Ornamental Plant Materials II
SOS 2101 Soils and Fertilizers
ENY 1007 Principles of Entomology
BOT 2501 Plant Physiology

CERTIFICATIONS, LICENSES, REGISTRATIONS: Valid Florida Driver's License required. One of the following certifications is preferred: Florida Certified Nursery Professional or Florida Certified Landscape Technician, Landscape Maintenance Operator, Certified Arborist.

EXPERIENCE: One year of landscape maintenance experience is required. Five to seven years experience of landscape maintenance in upscale commercial, residential, or resort environment or other horticultural enterprise is preferred; or equivalent combination of education and experience.


Annual Care

Install, remove, deadhead, fertilize. Process includes repetitive loading, unloading and transporting trays of annuals. Bed preparation is digging and lifting shovels of soil, use of wheelbarrow, operation of tiller, grading with rakes using force. Includes maintenance of hanging baskets and container plantings.

Requires alternate reaching, lifting, carrying, balancing, stooping, stretching, and gripping of hand tools. Trays of annuals, sometimes weighing over 15 pounds, are unloaded from nursery racks up to eight foot high. Tiller requires lateral control of heavy vibration. Unloading of debris into dumpsters requires overhead lifting.


Policing area for debris, operating walk-behind or riding mower and operating 22 lb. Backpack blower for clean up. Also includes operation of stick edgers and weed eaters for detail trimming.

Process includes repetitive reaching, lifting, stooping, stretching and gripping. Blower is carried on the back, and requires balance and strength. String trimmers and stick edgers require controlled outstretched arm movements for extended periods. Mower use includes gripping of hand brake or driving mechanism.

Tree Pruning

Using hand loppers, pole pruners, chain saws and other tools to selectively remove branches and unwanted growth form trees. Cleanup of debris includes loading, transporting, and unloading into dumpsters.

Involves constant and repetitive overhead reaching, lifting and gripping with force, while maintaining balance. Also, stooping, lifting and pulling are required. High-reach, bucket truck, ladders, and climbing are means of access requiring balance and strength. Otherwise pruning is conducted from the ground with extension tools of effectively increased weight.

Shrub Pruning

Operating hand or power equipment to selectively cut plant material at varying heights, followed by clean up of debris.

Method includes very repetitive reaching and gripping, and raking, lifting and bagging of debris. Debris bags are also loaded, transported, and unloaded into dumpster by lifting weight overhead.

Fertilizing and Seeding

Operating fertilizer spreader or carrying bucket (25 lbs. or higher) and over-seed with annual grasses.

Loading fertilizers into mechanical spreader or container for manual distribution routinely requires controlled lifting of 50 pound bags. Manual distribution involves maintaining balance, careful stepping, and stooping simultaneously.


Loading, unloading and spreading mulch in plant beds.

Repetitive shoveling, forking, and lifting of debris. Controlled movement of loaded wheelbarrow is often required, as well as lifting, shoveling or forking old mulch well overhead into dumpsters.

Raking and Sweeping

Using hand rake to gather materials.

Forceful pulling and pushing, and lifting of debris.

Sod Work

Remove sod, prepare planting area, and install sod. Carry and stack pallets.

Operation of sod cutter requires substantial strength for controlled lifting and turning of equipment. To remove sod, force is used with shovel, and lifting is required to transfer pieces for disposal with shovels or pitchfork. Base is often prepared with manual addition of sand by shovels as well. Pallet handling requires strength and overhead lifting.

Equipment Maintenance

Cleaning, preserving finishes, checking fluid levels, lubricating.

Physical lifting and carrying of gasoline and grease in 5 gallon commercial containers is required. Repetitive force is needed for correct operation of grease guns and other methods of lubrication. Protecting equipment finishes involves repetitive circular motions with pressure.

Plant Replacement

Digging and removing plants, digging and installing new plants.

Substantial repetitive use of shovels and spades is required, with lifting above the head necessary in many instances. Strength and control with the arms is needed for power auger use. Containerized plant material is manually carried in to new planting areas, and larger material transported on dolly or cart must be carefully lifted and placed with control.


Connecting and dragging water hoses for hand watering.

Forceful control and lifting of weighted hoses and watering cans is required, using outstretched arm movements for extended periods of time.

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