Polk County


Senior Procurement Analyst

Bartow, Florida

Job Description



Pay Range $58,323.20 - $87,443.20

Must have the physical, developmental and mental ability to perform job tasks, work efforts, responsibilities and duties of the job illustrated below:


This is a highly responsible professional and administrative position in the field of government procurement and project management.  Major functions include independent thinking, solicitation scope of work development, complex pricing analysis, complex project management, time management, vendor and internal customer relations. Implementation and management of procurement policies and procedures through the continuous training of Division Directors, Managers and fiscal staff. Responsible for assisting Divisions with procuring the County’s almost $500 million Capital Improvement Program as well as annual operating needs of approximately $160 million.


Perform along with other procurement staff high level evaluative and analytical analysis of solicitation scopes of work, specifications, special conditions, along with evaluation and development of advanced costing of pricing sheets.  This analysis will result in “value added” recommendations regarding changes needed to ensure clear and accurate expectations are relayed to potential awarded vendors.  Analyze assigned divisions procurement needs to ensure best procurement method is utilized resulting in effective and efficient service delivery. Analyze and evaluate pricing sheets submitted by divisions and prepare related recommendations and alternatives to ensure meaningful and accurate anticipated annual or one-time costs are captured accurately during the solicitation and annual budget process.  Analyze, research and recommend which contract documents should be used or amended to meet scope of work needs. 

Research state statutes, county ordinances, federal guidelines and procurement procedures to effectively advise which procurement methods should be used.  Performs complex detailed analytical analysis of solicitation submittals to ensure qualified responsive proposers are recommended for award.  Evaluate pricing analysis results of submittals against the County’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) while communicating results to the Budget Office as necessary.  Interact with proposers and current awarded vendors/contractors to effectively communicate procurement and/or division requirements.  Based on discussions during this interaction will effectively advise on any alternatives that may add value. 

Provides proactive guidance, training and coaching to assigned Division Directors, Managers and staff to ensure procurement is providing value added services resulting in effective and efficient service delivery. 

Performs complex project management expertise in the daily performance of work by ensuring the multiple solicitations and contracts being developed as well as other project assignments and purchase order requests are meeting stringent timeline expectations.  This requires the fervent ability to multi-task while remaining organized.

Develops and prepares cost saving analysis along with process improvement recommendations as a result of performing solicitation review and analysis.  This value added analysis with corresponding recommendation(s) are presented to management for consideration to be included in the solicitation.   Prepares complex analysis and reporting to management regarding local and supplier diversity solicitations and spending as well as continuing contracts vendor spend. 

Develops, prepares and analyzes complex ORACLE Procurement Module reports. Effectively works with Budget and Management Services, Finance and Accounting and Information Technology to ensure Oracle functions and patch testing do not impact other ORACLE modules.  Prepares complex contract agenda items for Board of County Commissioner approval.  

Independently formulates and conducts recorded, publicly advertised, pre-solicitation meetings.  Independently acts and manages all assigned publicly advertised selection committee meetings to ensure compliance with state statutes, county ordinances and procurement procedures.  Prepares for and assists Division Directors and Managers with timely and effective contract negotiations with awarded contractors/vendors. Proactively and effectively works with vendors to ensure all contract documents are accurate and received within stringent time frames. Works closely with the Procurement Manager and Division Directors to ensure developed contract language is accurate. Works closely and effectively communicates with Procurement Director, and Division Directors, and division staff to ensure procurement is providing value added services.  Attends assigned division’s staff meetings monthly to ensure value is being added to the procurement process.

Formally trains vendors on how to submit a responsive, responsible solicitation.  Formally trains Fiscal Managers, Division Directors, and Managers on how to create meaningful scopes of work, specifications, special conditions and bid sheets.  Provides “how to understand and manage your contract” training to include specifics of construction general conditions.  Provides contractor/vendor performance evaluation training and support.  Assists county divisions’ staff with developing and preparing contractor/vendor complaint forms.

May oversee and/or guide the work of other technical or clerical staff. 

Proactively keeps Procurement Director informed of areas of concern.

Performs related duties as required


Ability to perform on a professional level. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.  Ability to learn and obtain a thorough understanding of the intricacies of procurement.  Ability to use sound judgement. Ability to accurately proofread work. Ability to be detail-oriented. Ability to take responsibility for work products. Ability to work nights and weekends, if needed, to complete assigned projects on time without having to asked or told. Ability to learn the details of what assigned divisions do so procurement can add value to the solicitation process.  Ability to be an independent thinker.  Ability to understand the big picture and how procurement’s role fits into the success of Polk County Government.

Ability to manage multiple projects at the same time while under stringent time constraints and pressure to get solicitations and contracts done quickly from upper management. Ability to learn and to perform interrogative interviewing techniques and methods necessary to perform evaluative and analytical solicitation analysis. 

Ability to collect facts and data to assist with solicitation analysis.  Ability to independently research, collect, analyze and prepare comprehensive recommendations, reports and related data.  Ability to prepare for and make individual, group and public meeting presentations. Ability to evaluate and make recommendations regarding solicitation selection, price analysis, contract development, etc. 

Ability to get along with others. Ability to learn various complex integrated software systems to include report writing and data analysis.  Ability to continue procurement training both in and out of county annually.

Knowledge of principles and practices of effective project management.  Knowledge of the use, application, operation, maintenance and capabilities of microcomputer hardware and software, specifically word and excel. 


Graduate of an accredited four (4) year college or university with major course work in Public Administration, Business Administration, Finance, Project Management, or related field, and a minimum of seven (7) years responsible experience in Procurement or any other project management, research/analytical field;

or, a Master’s degree in public administration, business administration, finance, project management, or related field, and a minimum of five (5) years of experience.

Hold a NIGP Certified Public Buyer Certification (CPPB) or American Purchasing Society Certified Purchasing Professional Certification.

A comparable amount of related training and experience may be substituted for the minimum qualifications with the exception of the degree and certification requirement.

 Must have a valid driver’s license and be able to secure a valid Florida driver’s license at the time of employment.


This position may be required to report for work when a declaration of emergency has been declared in Polk County.