Security Officer

Windermere, Florida (US)
Dec 17, 2021
Feb 15, 2022
Hospitality, Security

An Isleworth Security Officer should have the ability through his or her training and experience to anticipate, recognize and reduce a security or crime risk and to take or initiate action to remove or reduce the risk or breach of security.  An Officer is responsible for performing their duties in a professional and lawful manner in compliance with these directives.  Officers are required to follow the lawful request of any superior officer.  Control gate access of personnel and vehicles.  Deter criminal activity, misconduct, and breach of community rules.  Perform other duties as specified in post orders.


Essential Job Functions: 

• Inquire verbally and visually of any person requesting access to Isleworth to validate their authorized entry into Isleworth.  Officers are to verify the identification of a resident if they do not know the resident by face and name

• Inspect the safety, cleanliness, and preparedness of the assignment (gatehouse, patrol vehicle or boat) prior to accepting the post of the officer you are relieving

• Review all printed materials and emails or faxes, etc. to insure you are aware of activities that are occurring or may impact your shift or the security of Isleworth

• Answer and respond to all electronic media or communication to insure you have current information and to best serve the residents and visitors to Isleworth

• Provide traffic enforcement and control of vehicles driving within or entering and leaving Isleworth in accordance with the Isleworth traffic regulations

• Report and investigate any incident that affects the safety and security of persons or property within Isleworth.  If necessary, write any reports or statements that may be required.  All reports must be completed before the end of your shift

• Record activities on the approved form or technological program that occur during your shift.

• Maintain an accurate and complete log of all gate access and any items placed with your care, such as mail, packages, keys, etc.

• Conduct visual and physical surveys of unoccupied residents and construction sites documenting the patrols using the Guard 1 system

• Respond to calls for service as requested

• Conduct physical inspections of Isleworth facilities and buildings and patrol the roadways of Isleworth.  Document the patrols using the Guard 1 system

• Know and have the ability to use technology

• Other duties as assigned or as required elsewhere in the General Orders


Benefits include 401 K, Paid Vacation, Health Benefits, Vision, Dental Insurance,  Complimentary lunch and dinner meals.  


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