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This self-motivated Team Member must possess the ability to work independently as well as in a team setting with others in multiple departments and disciplines. Team member must possess ability to communicate with patients, visitors and internal customers using appropriate designated scripting and engagement techniques.


Essential Functions

  • Provide safe and efficient transport of patients to all areas of the hospital. Assess patient to determine the most effective method for transport.
  • Communicate vital patient information with the department manager, group leads and other appropriate team members.
  • Responsible and accountable for reaching individual productivity standards established by the department.
  • Transport charts and specimens in an efficient and confidential manner.
  • Maintain all transportation equipment and assure its cleanliness and sanitary condition.
  • Demonstrates ability to log into and manipulate Allscripts Transport Tracking systems effectively and efficiently.
  • Understand and demonstrate outstanding customer service behavior and attitude, which will support and facilitate the mission, vision, and values of Orlando Health.
  • Aid in informing customers, nursing units, and diagnostic departments of delays.
  • Proactively seeks prevention of fire and safety hazards by storing equipment in designated areas.
  • Possess the ability to adjust the liter flow and determine PSI in an oxygen tank as well as the ability to transfer an oxygen regulator from one oxygen tank to another.
  • Has the knowledge and ability to safely remove a telemetry unit from a patient.
  • Follows hospital and departmental policies with special attention to safety, dress, attendance, punctuality and display of ID badge.
  • Handles work related information in a confidential manner to maintain HIPAA compliance.
  • Cooperates effectively and efficiently with team members to consistently meet the changing needs of the patient, department, and/or hospital.
  • Assist in the distribution and retrieval of clinical equipment throughout the facility.
  • Assist in cleaning equipment and restocks standby storage areas or returns it to the equipment room.
  • Assist in the distribution, retrieval, and maintenance of orthopedic equipment such as CPM, hot/cold therapy machines, trapeze bed frames, patient lifts, and traction weights and pulleys.
  • Transports and delivers items, equipment, and medications (excluding controlled substances and IV chemotherapy drugs) throughout the facility.
  • Maintains reasonably regular, punctual attendance consistent with Orlando Health policies, the ADA, FMLA and other federal, state and local standards.
  • Maintains compliance with all Orlando Health policies and procedures.

Other Related Functions

  • Adheres to all Standards of Precaution, MSDS and Hand Hygiene directives.
  • Must complete all mandatory training as designated and required. Participates in departmental quality assurance and improvement activities as appropriate.
  • Demonstrate initiative and creativity to continuously improve services, departmental and interdepartmental processes, and any other activities that affect quality.


  • Ability to read and recognize similarities and differences between words and between series of numbers.
  • Ability to write simple correspondence. Ability to respond to common inquiries or complaints from customers.
  • Must be capable of accessing and using all department related computer systems such as but not limited to the TeleTracking programs that include Bed Tracking and Service Response where applicable, Outlook Email, Allscripts Transport system.
  • Must be able to complete required mandatory educational training.


If required for area, must complete and be certified in:

  • BLS/HealthCare Provider certification by the American Heart Association renewed every two years.


  • Demonstrated experience in a patient care setting or a customer service role.