Clinical Services Coordinator

Rockledge, Florida
$51,000/year + benefits
Feb 02, 2023
Apr 03, 2023

Position Summary: This position is responsible for the clinical coordination, utilization management and authorization of initial and ongoing services for children and families served in the child welfare system ensuring the most effective and efficient use of agency resources. This includes fiscal management, budget forecasting and the maximization of all 3rd party payment and other alternative funding sources whenever possible. This position facilitates Standing Team Reviews and monthly utilization review process, receives, reviews, and provides bypass service authorizations and ensures the clinical appropriateness of services authorized. This position is also responsible for ensuring that treatment and intervention is highly individualized, flexible, responsive, and culturally competent in the service delivery environment. This position allows a partial work from home opportunity.

Technical/Functional Expectations:

  1. Facilitates Standing Review Teams and Placement Stabilization Staffing’s: This position facilitates Standing Review Teams and Placement Stabilization Staffing’s and ensures the appropriateness of services requested and reviews service delivery for families served in the child welfare system.
  2. Service Authorizations: This position is responsible for completing service authorizations for bypass referrals, initial and ongoing services. This position utilizes 3rd party payment and other alternative community resources whenever possible ensuring the most efficient and effective use of agency resources.
  3. Utilization Management: Ensure that services authorized are clinically appropriate and that type, frequency and duration of service delivery matches child and family needs with regulatory and mandatory six-month review and the maximization of resources.
  4. Service Prioritization and Partnership with Case Managers: This position partners with Case Managers in the receipt of referrals for services requests in a collaborative manner ensuring the prioritization of urgent service requests in a strength based and solution focused manner. This position also requires partnership with internal and external team members through Multidisciplinary Staffing and all other staffing’s.
  5. Fiscal Management: This position is responsible for managing an allocation of services dollars for assigned Care
  6. Center requiring strong fiscal management and budget forecasting skills.
  7. On Call Rotation: This position will participate in the BFP second tier on call rotation.
  8. Other duties as required: Job performance requires fulfilling other incidental or related duties as assigned, assisting, and training others, and performing duties of higher rated positions from time to time for developmental purposes.

Behavioral Competencies:

  1. Perceptivity: Able to interpret verbal and non-verbal communication; use perceptions to understand and relate to others; perceptively analyze the actions and opinions of others.
  2. Analyzing: Able to break down problems and information to systematically identify the cause of problems or make recommendations; gather information from multiple sources; analyze complex information; organize information for analysis.
  3. Analytical Problem Resolution: Able to use systematic techniques to define problems, options, and solutions; evaluate alternative solutions; solve technical or complex problems using logic.
  4. Problem Solving: Able to exercise judgment in building realistic solutions to problems; understand the real issues behind problems; use common sense and take practical action to solve problems.
  5. Project Management: Able to control and complete projects on time; involve others in planning; clearly define roles and goals and track performance.
  6. Verbal Communication: Able to clearly express ideas, information, or concerns with the spoken word; present verbal information in a straightforward manner; ask questions in order to open channels of communication; listen to understand perspective of others.
  7. Teamwork: Able to cooperate to build consensus; able to assist others to achieve team goals; participate in meetings so they are productive; take on extra work to meet team objectives.
  8. Sensitivity: Work effectively with and show sensitivity to cultural differences and various socio-economic backgrounds of others.
  9. Ethics: Adhere to and model principles and values of Agency and System of Care by being strength-based, solution-focused, maintains highest level of integrity and ethical standards and work collaboratively with employees, partners, stakeholders and clients in all interactions.

Business Experience:

  1. Two years’ experience in Budgeting and Fiscal Management: This is required to provide sound oversight of the service allocation budget ensuring the maximization of resources.
  2. Excellent Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills: This position requires the ability to independently assess, evaluate, and make recommendations regarding services for children and families in the child welfare system.
  3. Strong Interpersonal, Presentation, and Organizational skills: This is required to effectively partner with various stakeholders and agency staff.
  4. Strength Based Family Practice Orientation: This is required to effectively support the system of care, values and the mission and vision of BFP.
  5. Valid Driver's License: Essential: This is required to travel throughout the county and other locations for client and other meetings.
  6. Counseling, Therapy, Behavioral or Mental Health Experience: This position requires a background in counseling, therapy, behavioral or mental health experience, preferably as a practitioner and is required to display clinical astuteness and sound judgment when reviewing requested services and make recommendations accordingly.
  7. Two years’ experience in Child Welfare: Preferred experience in the child welfare system and sound working knowledge of Florida Statute Chapter 39 and the Florida Administrative Code.

Educational and Experience Requirements:

  1. MA/MS - Masters Degree or equivalent required.
  2. MA/MS - Masters Degree Human Services field preferred.
  3. 2 to 5 years related experience required.
  4. 5 to 8 years related experience preferred.

Physical Requirements:

  1. Reading
  2. Speaking
  3. Listening
  4. Writing
  5.  Typing
  6. Sitting

The Brevard Family Partnership Family of Agencies are Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employers. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status. These employers also maintain Drug-Free Workplaces. Requests for Auxiliary Aids for Hearing Impaired or Limited English Proficiency Candidates may be made with a minimum of five (5) days notice to C Hernandez at (321) 752-4650.

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